As the issue still persists, I suggest you to run memory diagnostics tool and check if it helps. It no longer matters which platform you use, or the manufacturer (correction-China is now our manufacturer, and I assume our software developer as well), those of us who pay for product are no longer Not sure what relation too what is hanging networking too etjernet adapter no lnown driver loaded wireless wifi,etc? One reason for creating this new process was that the System process memory consumption looked high to a casual observer, which implied the system was consuming a lot of memory. Not that you need it or that it will help much, but you are absolutely not the only person experiencing this. 2) there is a space in the process title - it is literally "Memory Compression.exe" 3) there is no information about it in my task manager (i use Anvir) - no product name, company, executable file, nothing except that the user is NT Authority System. Your email address will not be published. And restart your computer: Restart-Computer. There are always tell tale signs that this is starting to occur when System and Compressed Memory is starting to use up all of the computer's RAM. I tried to install original Windows Sure it can do 1GB/sec, but that still adds up to ms's being added upon a accessing a few MB of compressed data. America no longer makes anything, it just buys....buyer beware!!! If the problem can simply be disabled that would be great. the priority...once the invoice is paid, there is no customer service associated with the purchase. I still haven't exceeded 12GB used out of my 24GB. of my Memory/RAM through System and Compressed Memory yet it isn't helping whatsoever as the attached screenshot shows. This is a constant problem and the only way to fix it is to restart the computer. 2013. If in safe mode issue didn’t persists, I suggest you to perform Clean boot in your system. But issues such as this now prove me wrong. Here’s what that means. correct it, it lags and I hit backspace again, thinking it didn't connect and it deletes the whole word and I have to start all over. Also, add a keyboard for a language that uses a non-standard form of the Latin alphabet or a non-Latin alphabet to the user that will be used, to get Optional Featues. Doing clean installs of any new OS thus can cause computer problems when Microsoft installs generic drivers through Windows Update and Device Manager. It has nothing to do with HP Software running whatsoever. Constantly in Windows 10 System and Compressed Memory is using ALL OF OR ALMOST ALL OF THE COMPUTER'S RAM. Please go through the section: How to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot of the Kb article to boot the computer in normal startup after fixing the issue. You say, you are running HP pavilion. Let’s disable the compressed memory: Disable-MMAgent –mc. Things will start to slow down that are normally working within their expectable pace as in are not going slow or at a crawl. Loaded wireless lan but cant get wi fi sorted,not sure where missing .net or upload which demands lots opts and fails each time in asp ado updates are the cause or simple other things as havent completed yet,got lenovo ideapad 4gb 1tb .Resolution is really nice and as 8.1 had problem with touchpad,keyboard decided 2016 good choice ,ha, couldnt solve that but guess its newness alround! 1) In the search box (magnifying glass on the TaskBar), type “Powershell“. I've disabled a lot of the unneeded HP pre-installed  software and removed all else that isn't needed. The paging file size for all drives in Windows 10 is, by default, set to allow Windows to automatically manage it. official Typically, the System and Compressed Memory process only uses a small number of your computer resources, including CPU, RAM, and Disk. Microsoft should either get rid of System and Compressed Memory in Windows 10 or actually prevent it from using all of or almost all of a computer's RAM because in no way is it good that the computer is having all of its Memory/RAM hogged up by System and Ive also already ran the Memory Diagnostic Tool hundreds to thousands of times every time System and Compressed Memory is shown to be using all of my computer's RAM/Memory and it too has stated that there are no problems with my computer's Memory/RAM either.


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