Ask Question Asked 3 years ago. The circuit of 10-Watt audio amplifier is shown in figure 1, designed around amplifier IC LM1875, and few other passive components like resistor, capacitor, variable resistor and loudspeaker. Share it with us! Many power amplifiers have automatic shut-down circuits to protect the IC when the temperature limit is reached. mic output -> 20nF cap -> audio + input on the amp and audio - input is tied to ground. Active 6 months ago. Audio output from preamplifier or from mobile, PC or any other source (must be pre-amplified output) is given to non-inverting pin (pin 1) of IC1 though variable resistor (VR1). As in picture I connect ground wire in the 3rd pin of treble potentiometer. Connect output wires of 4.7K resistor and 104 pf to input pin of Amplifier board and GND wire to the Ground pin of amplifier as you can see in the picture. Bass and treble circuit is ready so now we have to connect volume potentiometer. About: Share diy projects to those who have the same hobby with me. Did you make this project? Connect aux cable Left/Right wire in pin-1 of volume potentiometer and ground wire in 3rd pin of volume potentiometer as picture. Circuit Description and Working of 10-Watt Audio amplifier Circuit with Volume Control. 3. The circuit is shown here. According to datasheet of LM1875, it delivers output power of about 30W depends upon the input supply voltage and output load impedance. Now let’s design a 10 watt audio amplifier circuit. Give power supply to the amplifier board and plug in aux cable to mobile phone and play songs. To operate the circuit, connect the components as per the circuit diagram, give +15v and -15v supply to TL072 opamp and give audio input from mobile by connecting 3.5 mm audio jack to the circuit. The circuit of 10-Watt audio amplifier is shown in figure 1, designed around amplifier IC LM1875, and few other passive components like resistor, capacitor, variable resistor and loudspeaker. (3.) Digital Volume Control Circuit – This is a simple digital volume control circuit built using MAX5486 IC. Any music as we know is in the form of a consistently varying frequency, therefore when such a varying input is applied across the indicated C1 end terminals, the same is delivered across the base T1 and ground. And certainly the most enjoyable part of any decent audio gear - you can tell a lot about an amplifier or DAC by the texture and rotation quality of it’s primary enloudener.. Finally, connected a loudspeaker (8-OHM, 10-Watt) though a capacitor (C3), this is used in order to filter out DC component if any available. Now you can control the Bass, Treble and Volume by rotating three potentiometer on the circuit. Hii friend, Today I am going to make a circuit of Volume, bass and treble.This circuit will control the volume of amplifier and bass and it will also control the treble of the amplifier.This circuit will be only for single channel audio amplifier.This circuit I will use in 6283 IC single channel audio amplifier board.As we learnt the wiring of 6283 ic amplifier board in previous blog. This type of IC is also used in some servo-motor driving application, Things to be consider while using this type of IC. You can use power supply according to output power required from the range of 5V to 15V DC. The volume control is nothing more than an audio taper pot connected as a voltage divider. The circuit is a simple two transistor pre-amplifier using a feedback loop for enhancing the amplification. It is sometimes necessary however, to modify the flat response of an audio amplifier by making particular stages of the amplifier frequency dependent. IC Power amplifier generally range up-to 40 Watts. Electronics Projects Electronics Components Diy Electronics Circuit Board Design Electrical Circuit Diagram Diy Amplifier Dc Circuit Speaker Plans Susa


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