Maple and alder are at two different points in the spectrum of cost, appearance and durability. Lean on our team to help you pick out the perfect wood for your new cabinets and you won’t be disappointed. Now I am narrowing down my choices and not sure about the basket weave, I am going to look at the wood look porcelain tiles before I decide. When you're talking about cabinetry you're talking about something that could be in the house for 20, 30 even 50 years. Not because it is cheap, but the grain intrigued me. Paint grade alder has less knotty swirls and will do well with white paint. I am lost on what to get! OK, if you don't want to evaluate wood by hardness, I'll add weight also. As far as hardness goes here is a comparison of native American woods as measured using the Janka Hardness Scale. If maple has mill glaze on it, it doesn't take stain very well, but on cabinets that shouldn't be a problem(unless the cabinet manufacturer doesn't sand anything. Save. From alder to maple and beyond, we have every type of wood species you could possibly desire. So, I know it isn't a matter of my clumsiness causing the problem. @lojmeyer- I'm not sure that is accurate. Also note that we’ve not yet included all the woods from the last chart listed; those will be inserted below soon. I'm also told that it is difficult to refinish manufactured wood cabinetry in the future. I wanted a lighter color but not 1950's blond so alder worked well. You may even need to glaze it or tone it to the desired color. I just installed a sugar maple laminate floor (metroflor Engage) in the living room and kitchen and want to replace old baseboards with something that compliments the floor. manal Namouz, look for a stain called seal. Maple is harder then Alder but is a PIA to stain. The only thing that happens to them (assuming they are well made and suited for the climate so they don't warp) is the finish wears. In my mountain town the $5m homes most typically have alder, either knotty or straight. Alder is softer and more prone to damage, but it stains very well and can be a cheaper alternative to Cherry. Alder, or Red Alder as it is often called, grows in the Pacific Coast areas of the US and Canada. Thanks to all for helping me decide on the maple /alder wood combo. Is he just selling me a cheap product and giving me horrible advice? Knotty alder or hickory wood for cabinets in traditional style home? If, after you've revised your colour palette, you want to paint some of your cabinets, you'll have your preferred tones in place elsewhere. It doesn’t absorb the stain as well, and will take a lot of coats to get it dark. We decided to go soft maple, no MDF, and will have an experienced refinisher paint them white. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Choice of stain is a medium dark brown and expresso for bathroom. J Design Group, Modern Interior Design Firm in Miami, Florida. white, gray, brown, they tell us to go with soft maple. I’m not worried in the slightest from what I’ve seen and experienced. Then I went on to say that maple does poorly in the Hawaii climate and most places won't even sell it there. Paint soaks into raw wood grain, getting it all out so it looks natural is a lot of work and sometimes not possible, depending on the wood and kind of paint used.If you are hard on your cabinets no paint will withstand that. Twists and warps like crazy. Alder is used as a substitute for higher end woods to lower the cost. I read somewhere that foresters are now required to leave alder in Douglass fir stands for diversity, a good thing here in the NW. Most people are familiar with some sort of pine furniture (e.g. If you want a kitchen that is ornamental ... they are (or were in my case) very pretty. Our cabinet maker made us a sample door, and it is lovely. A natural finish might hide blemishes better; but mine are not clear coated and any scratch or nick shines right through. It depends on how you (or your contractor) order them. I'm canadian so sugar maple all the way. I have never seen a scratch or dent anywhere. would the mat be needed if I am using the wood look porcelain? I know that, because I used to travel regularly to Oregon. Maple is a hard, strong wood with a smooth texture and uniform grain, a dense hardwood that has a prolonged life. They have told me over and over to use poplar over maple because the maple when painted chips very easily. Your choice of guitar tonewood is a subject of great discussion among guitarists, as different woods affect your sound in different ways.. As well as affecting tone, the choice can also significantly change the look of your guitar (which for many is even more important than tone!). Whats people lookup in this blog: Alder Wood Cabinets Vs Maple It is on the soft side but it's a cabinet not a floor. I should mention that the tiler thought we were putting in marble basketweave ( we have not finalized materials) we were just trying to get a labor quote at that point. Is it too soft to hold up to the task? I don't think you read the post closely. @ River: You beat me to it River. Am I incorrect that when the cabinets are shipped from the manufacturer that they are stained from the company or does the installer stain the cabinets. Guess I should read every thing before I open my mouth. NOT using knotty alder for our cabinets. I am in hopes that a custom painted cabinet made w/soft maple will not warp or scratch easily, clean easily without paint wearing off, not damage when kicked with a shoe or vacuum. A big concern is the white cabinetry that will be exposed closest to the cooktop splatter and how it will hold up. Third, for better or for worse, most people remodel their kitchens and baths every 20 years (or less) because styles change, personalities change, how we use the rooms changes, new owners don't like what the old owners did, etc. Introduce wood beams, countertops, furniture and more, Pair your wood trim and cabinets with the right shade of wall paint to bring out the beauty in both, Get the Pros and Cons of Oak, Ash, Pine, Maple and Solid Bamboo, Deeper and richer than any stain, aniline dye gives wood stunningly deep color and a long-lasting finish. The larger/heavier doors are sagging because the hinges are pulling out of the frame (apparently alder doesn't hold screws well, either). That and I really hate knots. Don't worry. Alder price is coming in several thousand less than maple? What Plywood Would You Use to Make a Finish Like Cherry? I said it was like cherry. My kitchen gets used daily by both my husband and myself. I would go for the maple if you can. I had a cabinet company give me a bid on the remodel in my kitchen. It's available in the Lowe's Diamond cabinet line. I only want a rustic looking kitchen and Alder was what I picked before I even knew the price point. At any given time there are 5 rough and tumble grandBOYS in their homes. 't my area, both of these woods are priced about the same. Don't look at the cost difference between the alder and the maple as an expense, look at it as an investment. No one can make a judgement based on a scratch caused by a fingernail. Yes, alder is a softer and lighter hardwood; however, there is a direct correlation between low-density woods and stability. so ive been looking around for a new guitar for a long time and ive almost decided. If you can push the budget to afford the maple that's what I would do. I would never recommend alder to anyone for any purpose. Kind of rustic but not like pine, and to me it's gorgeous. Seems weird to me. Canadian/sugar maple in my experience is even harder than mentioned above. Characteristics & Color Variations of Wood Flooring With Knots, Lewis Cabinet Specialties: Alder vs. It is not much harder than white pine. Maple vs. Alder Kitchen Doors. I haven't even fully moved back into my kitchen and there are scrapes, dings, and dents all over the place. I had alder cabinets for 12 years in my last home, NO PROBLEMS with screws pulling out and only minor dents where our lab puppy chewed. The alder looks good, and actually doesn't cost any less, but I am worried about durability and dings. Those types of complaints should go back to the finisher/installer, not the type of wood. I disagree with some of these statements. The wood expert told me that alder is the "poor man's" maple. I agree regarding the cherry. If anyone has input on what to "really expect" from a custom white painted soft maple kitchen cabinetry - I'd welcome the information.


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