5 Luserina: Joins automatically during the Rainwall Defense. After this, 5 scenes will be shown (same as with the 5 scenes that will be shown in Ending #1). In the ending, Lymsleia re-assumes the throne and dissolves the Senate, though a new representative parliament is created to replace it and advise the Queen. In case anyone is keeping track, I put Roog and Rahal in the Entourage since I didn’t have the money to build their weapons up. 6 Cornelio: After the defense of Rainwall, go back to Haud Village and enter the big house in the south of the city. Nanami's and Hero's narration will be the same as with Ending #1. After the credits, you will be shown a GRAYSCALE portrait of Nanami, Hero and Jowy standing under a tree, looking over the horizon. Zerase is an exception to this as she was a completely new character for Suikoden 5, it seems that 5 was her introduction as she's clearly tied to the True Runes in some way and would definitely play a part in the larger story if Konami would have kept making the games. Upon entering, you will be attacked by 5 DoReMi elves. The ending is composed of several scenes. As for Lucretia, she really didn't have any larger plans. There doesn't seem to be a place noting all the ending variations the game has, so I decided to get to the bottom of it. Barbarosa ends up committing suicide and taking Windy with him. Defeat them and an upset Cornelio will tell you to catch him a new orchestra of them. Scene 1: After defeating Barbarosa, there is a dialogue exchange between him, Kasim and Windy. Before you go, understand you cannot bring females to this location. Suikoden 5 End Walkthrough GuideSun Rune : Twilight Rune : Dawn Rune Finale. Depending on the player's choices and performance, several endings are possible. This scene can vary. Instead, bring your best male rune users and attackers. After the scenes, what happened to the rest of the 108 stars will be narrated.


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