Its more-simplistic design is often comprised of a removable cushion, a back rest, a seat, and the hinges that connect them — that's all. This pick also features modern V-shaped metal legs, a wooden frame in four different stains, 22 different color options for upholstery, and a modular design that you can add onto in the future. This style is a blend between a chair and a daybed, and the design is so old, there's actually ancient Greek art that depicts goddesses lounging on it. With its tufted shelter-style back, polished metal legs, and low seat, the Sandy Wilson Tuxedo gives a nod to mid-century modernism, but its chenille upholstery is still warm and inviting. This pick is a must-have for 2020 because it expertly marries comfort with luxe, modern details. A great example? These are 29 of the most popular sofa styles available in most stores, as well as a recommendation for each category. The tufts can be present on the arms, seat, and back, or just one of the aforementioned, but as long as they're present at all, it'll qualify as a Chesterfield. Needless to say, they've become a staple in at-home media rooms and more-casual living areas. You can get this one in nine different colors, including bold magenta, bright red, and even gray with rainbow buttons. If you're looking for a sectional that's more traditional, but still modern enough for 2020, look no further than the LRG sectional from Artless. This one has a near-four-star rating because it's stylish, comfortable, and easy to put together. This one is a bit more vague, as it's categorized by an … You're better off narrowing down the options with questions like, "What design style do I love?" Unlike a sectional (which hugs the corners of a room), a curved sofa encompasses a coffee table or an ottoman. These retro-inspired sofas are modeled after design elements from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, when geometry was very in, so you'll usually find clean, rectangular shapes and aesthetically-pleasing symmetry. Since most options come with the mattress, these sofas are often more expensive than other categories — but if you have house guests, college-age kids, or no spare bedrooms, it's definitely worth the splurge. Some sources say the first design for this couch was commissioned by Lord Philip Stanhope (the fourth Earl of Chesterfield), because he wanted a couch that wouldn't cause his clothes to wrinkle. It has the signature low arms and large removable cushions in a mid-century modern design that reviewers love — enough to have given it an unbelievable 4.8-star rating. Egg Collective Emmy Sofa, $7,995, Design Within Reach. The trademark feature for the Cabriole is the design of the arms and back. Even though Lawson sofas have a traditional appearance, recent designers have added modern flairs to keep this style looking contemporary. The arms are also rolled, and set back a little from the foot of the couch, which often gives it a more traditional style. And speaking of comfort, this sofa is injected with a special gel foam, which not only makes for a thick, supportive cushion, but it'll also keep you cooler in the summer months. While more traditional ones have wooden frames that can give them an upscale but somewhat-stiff impression, more modern ones can be comfortable, laid-back, and a great place for a nap. Most are half- or primarily-encompassed with railings, arm rests, or back rests. In other words, it's a piece of furniture meant for sitting — but the style has come to describe a backless, bench-like sofa that that best suits the space when it's pushed up against a wall. Much like the best outdoor rugs, outdoor sofas utilize materials that are waterproof, UV-resistant, and durable against the elements. For another, it's available in multiple fabric finishes, including pet-friendly and safeguard, and each category has tons of colors to choose from. The arms are low and set back, while the back support is angled and plush, but because this couch uses only bold, 90-degree angles (right down to the sleek legs), it's significantly more elegant than most. Typically just referred to as a "sectional," this sofa is comprised of at least two attached pieces that form an L-shape. If you're caught between a traditional sofa versus a sectional, style, family size, and footprint are all things worth considering. ", Burrow Chaise Lounge Sofa, $1,595, Burrow. While the term usually refers to a single chair, it can be extended to any piece of furniture that includes a longer cushion to support the legs, so you can relax and put your feet up without the need for an ottoman. Very similar to chaises and divans, daybeds are a cross between a couch and a bed and are ideal for lounging. (If you're interested in seeing more styles of reclining sofas, check out this reclining sofa article). Reviewers say it "[exceeds] expectations" because it's "easy to assemble, sturdy, and sleek. Outline Sofa, $4,295, Design Within Reach. Architectural Digest calls curved sofas "the style upgrade [your home has] been begging for."


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