Life moves fast on the internet, and the big nodes that get the traffic are those that give the outer party what it wants (posts about political reform on the FM website get 1/4 of the usual pageviews). I have written about the working class feeling angry on this and other sites, it is that I see us moving backwards to this old level of inequality, Social Workers, Teachers and such jobs, are no longer that well paid or secure, they are no longer the pathway out of working class to middle class lives they once were. “Don’t talk policy. That makes them vulnerable. They want pretty maps with colorful dragons on edges. I think, not as much as in: ‘we don’t do enough’ (“grown cold”) and not for our avoiding “Responsibility” as Rabbi A. J. Heschel put it (about crime): “some are guilty, but all are responsible.”. “Continuing floods of nonsense like this may make the authors and readers feel good and self-righteous but also make effective fair governance harder and harder to imagine, design, and achieve.”, I’m middle class, have been for a longish lifetime. The Democrats will own America. Bottoms up movements — such as peasants’ protests and slave rebellions — all tend to end badly. I wish I were clearer. This way of thinking about society isn’t new – it’s as old as civilization. I don’t think the analysis owes much to Marx other than the concept of class, and that, in different language, has 18th century roots. Collectors of maps do not care if the maps are correct. “Associative mating” should be “assortative mating.”. (19), Feudalism in the British Isles That’s how they get on top, because the processes by which they run reward sociopaths. Political Marxism was an attempt to rescue Marxism by jettisoning all the elaborate machinery and replacing it with an account of the origins of capitalism in particular political processes at a given time and place. The outer party is the largest body of people interested in current events and with the money to either pay for it or to attract advertisers. The problem with Marx is not just the rubbish economics, its also the whole concept of there being laws of history and a progression of events in accordance with the dialectic. “The entire system is rigged.” (13). than an alternative option, when compared with voters in other classes. (23), British society “As the right to vote was extended over American history to white men who did not own property, then black men, and then women—as it should be in order truly to be democratic—these assumptions less and less reflected reality. We got all our clothes from “Jumble Sales”, charity second hand sales at the local Church Halls. Alan Dein asks several generations of five families from across the UK revealing questions about politics and social class. We are in trouble. Its discovery can change America! Perhaps a Third Republic. I think the lower class are losers (literally – those who lose: politically, economically). Calling them “losers” is pretty harsh and max elitist. But it also has the potential to go seriously off the rails, quite soon, on the Continent in ways which are all too familiar from the 20c. The bourgeoisie (owners) and inner party (senior executives) are America’s insiders. Perhaps a Third Republic. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And, as you note, over time bourgeoisie and bourgeois have come to describe lifestyles. Probably the best chance, but the inventors have thrown out so much that it hardly deserves the name of Marxism any more. That lack of empathy is evidence that they are sociopaths. The system is not a meritocracy any more than Ford trucks are ‘built tough’ and Coca-Cola is ‘refreshing’ or ‘unlocks summer’ – it’s just advertising slogans to sell something. I suspect we cannot imagine the eventually result. Adding to the complexity, Marx described how those classes changed over time – with the capitalist class developing during the late Middle Ages. What have many realized and what is sometimes mentioned elsewhere, a central theme for our peril: For details see A new dark picture of America’s future. Thanks for sharing that interesting material. A society’s political structure and practices provide insight into the distribution of power and wealth, as well as larger philosophical and cultural beliefs. Marx’s economics have been tested and proven useless. Politically ineffectual, they want to believe themselves engaged. The Mandarin characters for “crisis” do not mean “danger” and “opportunity”. The article names the three classes as “our ruling elites”, “the middle class”, and “the lower class”.


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