All 7 Nanos increase your Martial Arts and (more important) Dimach skills. However it is not really easy to get hold of. & Runspeed debuff of your target, If you're not in a pretty good setup, you're not going to take out anything but greens and docs :P. Also Sneak Attack is a popular attack in PvP, Only way of travel in SL, handy if you have to flee, To increase attackspeed on our daggers, they are fairly quick to begin with, max this eventually to fight at lower aggdef setting. Quite a good weapon found on Alien City Generals & Fleet Admirals. As always, great guide Noobas . Sense Imp, Psy Mod, Nano Init, Time&Space, Matter Creation. Entophagous Tattoos are Clan only, comparable to Ectoplasm with little altered ACs, little higher key skill buffs and some additional health. Suggested level range: 210+ ... if possible, earlier! These shoulderpads are gained by hunting in. Useful sometimes, does not get much better after 600 skill. These weapons can be bought as MK1 version in Tower Shops with Victory Points. First you need the Jobe Suit (not all parts but most), then you have to hunt additional parts... or buy them. These tattoos add quite some health & nano as full set, however the benefit might be a reason for a good brawl ;) They drop from Redeemed / Unredeemed mobs. Both increase the more perks are trained, Direct Damage - requires Ritual of Spirit flag running on target, Lifedrain & Direct Damage - gets better with more perks trained, Armor Class (AC) debuff - gets better with more perks trained, Direct Damage - requires Etherial Touch flag running, Improves the Ritual (Totemic Rites line) specials making you do even more damage. For equipping two daggers (dual-wield). Shoes, not only interesting for girls I believe. Sombreous Tattoos are Omni-Tek only, comparable to Ectoplasm with little altered ACs, little higher key skill buffs and some additional health. A white armor set... white for Shades, how well fitting! It is quite good at ACs and helps on Nano Resistance. On first look this might not look interesting, but I have heard about some Shades using this successfully in PvP. Good idea to keep this high so you can equip better NCU. Long Eaton Psychic Club opened its doors to a new group, on the 7th April. For example with Ritual of Blood you get an add damage buff, HP & Nano Damage over Time - requires Capture Vigor flag running on target, AMS/DMS Leech and detaunt - requires Unsealed Blight flag running on target, HP & Nano Damage over Time - requires Capture Essence flag running on target, AMS/DMS Leech and detaunt - requires Unsealed Pestilence flag running on target, HP & Nano Damage over Time - requires Capture Spirit flag running on target, AMS/DMS Leech and detaunt - requires Unsealed Contagion flag running on target, Defensive modifier - increases with perks in this line, Reduces time of snares & roots & Buffs resistance against snares & roots for a short time, Lifedrain - increases with the number of perks in this line, Ranged Init. If you'd like to know more, please. Our daggers use this Initiative, Shade nanos utilize this nano skill to buff our stats, This is the second nano skill that is used to buff our stats, Because we have low hitpoints (HP) and need all the help we can get. This is a popular backitem for many professions... surely for you too!? Actually it's not a really Shade specific line, but it is required for the Shade Tier (see below). Fist damage, some piercing weapons will work with MA combined attacks. Originally posted in this thread by Yo****aka.Minor changes by ShadowMaw Spirit Mob Locations (Spirit mobs are mean and have a scary DoT, so bring a friend if you're not atleast the same level as the mobs) Nascence Level 10: Temple North of Jobe Bridge Level 30: From misty forest, run west across the bridge, and zone into research, then follow the left wall south till you see the spirits. Reanimator's Cloak as well as it's upgrades are wearable by shades. Sadly along with the name you very often hear a very loud groan... it's rare... and hard to get. However if you still like to get it, you can read up how to get it, A crafted armor. The ubiquitous way Angels, Spirit Guides, and Deceased Loved Ones start to appear. Website powered by Khuris CMS and phpBB © 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group Tree spirit; Released: 2 February 2004 : Members: Yes: Combat level: 14: Size: 1x1: Examine: A very angry nymph. Fast Attack lock timer can be reduced by higher skill, but the use of having a faster Fast Attack ( haha... faster fast :D ) is discussible. Khuri's Media and IOS-Solutions, This website uses a tracking cookie for statistical purposes and the data is stored on a third-party server. Please add tips to the subpage, rather than the article below. Sadly the place you can hunt it is often camped by high level characters who want to sell it... in addition it is not really a common drop. With some luck you may find them on an unique monster called Creepy Spider in Inferno, near the northeast incarnator. They can gather the collective energetic molecules in the environment to create a dense energy mass, through which they can appear. First 4 Nanos buff your Agility by a good amount as well as Evade ClsC, Dodge Rng & Duck Expl ... the top buff also increases your Runspeed. The Shade stays out of harm's way by relying on concealment and good combat mobility. Most of the weapons shown in the weapon section require Fast Attack to equipt, as well as Flurry of Blows which can be useful. Like with the above Pisces part you need high Dimach skill to equip. (they are of the same line), - stun proc - PvP and fighting "normal" monster without a team. This article has a money making guide here: Killing tree spirits. For PvP this skill might have some use versus Shotguns and, Raise this if you plan to PvP, but is also useful for Shadowland mobs as they cast some relatively nasty nanos, Used for our "proc" nanos. This is a high level armor line, requires level 175.


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