Proverbs 21:17 says, "He who loves pleasure will be become a poor man, he who loves wine and oil will not become rich." God can use us to cause people to turn from obstinate, hard-hearted, disobedient unbelief to the love of righteousness and to obedience to God. But maybe he wanted to take the high ground. And we're just hearing now what he will be like. But inherent in that is a very specific reality that you need to understand, and that is this, no one is ever approved by God whose sin has not been covered. It calls for moderation in both. Sproul at Saint Andrew’s Chapel near Orlando Florida. This is at his birth, the birth of John the Baptist. So inherent in the generic statement "approved by God" is that this man will be a justified man. The completed registration allows us to send order and donation receipts to the email address you provided. That is a very interesting Greek word, apeiths. And what it simply means is divine approval, divine favor. It was called a Nazarite vow, not meaning from Nazareth, having nothing to do with that, an old Hebrew word meaning "separated." That's an amazing commendation. Elijah was the prototype of a prophet, faithful, powerful, miraculous, bold, uncompromising. He got people to turn from their self-righteousness and their sin back to God. Name. The Greatness of John the Baptist by His Grace Bishop Youssef ~ عظات نيافة الانبا يوسف published on 2020-09-12T20:03:11Z Liturgy Sermon @ St. Philopateer Coptic Orthodox Church - … And so the miracle conception occurred. So you could say, well, John is not officially a priest, though he's in a priestly line. What? Our Lord’s great tribute to John the Baptist. The same thing is true not only of Jeremiah, but of Paul. If they didn't believe, he would just be one of two Elijah-like prophets, the first one the Second Coming before the return of Christ in the Day of the Lord. Those could be deadly things. He's going to get people ready for Messiah's arrival. Greater than Melchizedek, that great king of Salem, priest of the Most High God to whom Abraham paid tithes. He was the prophet of God who proclaimed divine truth unequivocally from God, fearlessly in the face of a ruthless monarch, just like John did. Log In One has to do with the physical, the external life, personal that he lives. This is a promise of the salvation of someone not yet conceived and is a very monumental point in understanding the divine doctrine of election. What's it? Maybe John was a Nazarite for life, for life, separating himself. He stayed away from the world's diet. Please contact the publisher to obtain copies of this resource. For John it came at the time of conception. "If you accept his message, if you accept Me as your Messiah, if you accept the kingdom that I bring, he will have fulfilled that Elijah prophecy." That's the gospel, folks, you're going to talk about the Messiah, the Savior is coming. Later in that prophecy, however, to show you God's view, he says, when the Messiah comes and establishes His glorious kingdom, it will be with sweet wine, in Amos 9, I think it's verse 13. Greater than Enoch who walked with God and he was not for God took him. At the same time, however, that statement actually was a social launch point. He started no real movement. Now it says, verse 17, that he came as a forerunner before the Messiah in the spirit and power of Elijah. Luke 7:28, we're right back where we started. So the rabbis called for a mixture. General repentance, touching all of society, young and old and when it says "turn" that's the Old Testament word used...that is quoted from Malachi 4:6, in Malachi 4:6 the Old Testament word means repent; conversion and repentance, conversion and repentance. There were two Old Testament words which he would have known very well for wine. We don't know anything about his intellectual capabilities. F.B. That must include justification. And he himself tried to bring it to a rapid end. The rabbis were concerned about the intoxicating capabilities of yayin and so they required that this fermented wine be mixed with water, be mixed up to eight to one, eight parts water, one part of wine in order that it might be diluted. This is a privileged calling, to put it mildly, to have the honor of pointing to the Messiah, pointing to the gospel, identifying the Savior of the world. So it was a common expression. He will be that Elijah-like prophet." Even his ministry was brief, his fifteen minutes of fame, to borrow the common vernacular, was short. Sermons; Donate. It unleashed a flood of tolerance for blatant egotism in athletics as well as in society and generally true across our culture. He wasn't going to tamper with anything that might corrupt him. He wasn't associated with any of the official institutions of his hour, his day. That's a pagan kind of action. But we too have been called to the same human perspectives as was John: Personal character, privileged calling and powerful contribution. And the question then arose, and it was a legitimate question, John 1:21, I read it again this morning. They said to him, "Are you Elijah?" There hadn't been a prophet in 400 years. So much for the statement of his greatness; let's look at the three demonstrations of it, the three features of his greatness that flow in the text. I mean, if he's announcing the coming of the Messiah, Malachi said Elijah would come before the Messiah comes. Whether we look at greatness from the standpoint of celebrity, or whether we look at greatness from the standpoint of human achievement, in either case it falls short of God's perspective. He uses it several times in this gospel, including back in verse 6 referring to the fact that Zacharias and Elizabeth were righteous in the sight of God. That is an illustration of how God has chosen all who believe and written their names in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. What it's saying is this, contrasting the kingdom of God with something else. He was not wealthy like Abraham, David, Solomon, and many other biblical heroes. He would be like Elijah. He will have divine approval. Before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord, before the Lord comes in great glory, I'm going to send you Elijah. Probably you or I would not have been drawn to the preaching of John the Baptist. In the New Testament wine is there. In Matthew chapter 11 verse...verses 13 and 14, and we'll get to this suddenly in just a moment, listen to what Jesus said. Which means that the prophecy was figurative. Also the introduction into the water of the fermented wine would act as a disinfectant on the water which was otherwise not free from amoeba and bacteria and whatever. Maybe he just wanted to take that kind of level of life that lifts you all the way to the top and abstain from all these beverages as a part of his own personal self-denial. And God can use us to prepare a people who will be ready when Jesus comes the second time. The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God It also is true, according to Proverbs 31:4, that rulers and leaders were never to consume these beverages. I want to close with something that is really mind boggling. © 2020 Grace to You. And that, by the way, is a direct quote from the last verse of the Old Testament, Malachi 4:6. According to Leviticus chapter 10 and verse 9, when any priest went down to the temple to do his duty, to do his work at the temple, he could not be drunk. So his greatness is a greatness that's unequalled by any human up to his time, the greatest who ever lived. He will be justified. Paul says God was already involved in my life from my mother's womb. Strong drink did have an anesthetic use. He was a mega star as far as God was concerned. It's a Hebrew word for new wine, fresh wine, which is grape juice, unfermented grape juice. The other has to do with the internal and spiritual.


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