The year before, the city police reported that 41 percent of its 137 separate use-of-force incidents on record had involved a black civilian. When Sacramento leaders asked residents to approve a bond program and associated tax hikes in 1954, it wasn’t billed as part of a racial purge of the West End. Sacramento is poised to allow more affordable, denser homes to be built in some of the city’s most desirable — and largely racially segregated — neighborhoods. In both cases the dead man had a knife, a stark difference to Clark’s death. It’s precisely such bias that the organizers behind the Clark protests hope to combat—a first step of many toward reversing the neglectful tide of public investment in non-white residents the city’s ridden for a century. It’s a fairly short walk from City Hall to I-5 to the arena, if you consult a simple street map. These Are The 10 Cities In California With The Most KKK Members. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 994 square miles (2,570 km2), of which 965 square miles (2,500 km2) is … The West End pops out in Sacramento’s redlining map from 1938, a rectangle with one corner cut out where the Capitol complex juts into it. California’s legislature approved a clever new financing gimmick for renewal projects called “Tax Increment Financing.”. Thank you for visiting the Sacramento News & Review. “A city redevelopment agency could declare a particular area to be blighted—and then cap the property taxes that flowed from that area to other local governments like schools and counties. The squallor, noise and crowding common to working-class life was supposed to be stamped out, replaced with space, safety and security. “This is a lot bigger than the Kings or than one guy getting shot. The diaspora that built Clark’s neighborhood. The intangible perceptions and attitudes that individual police officers carry with them on the job have a massive influence over how they conduct themselves in tense situations. City leaders made racial segregation in housing a standard, almost automated practice as far back as the 1920s, when a real estate developer named J.C. Carly wrote racially restrictive language into contracts governing the subdivisions he was planting in the innermost portions of Sacramento… “The last guy that got shot [by police] here, he was up in the north end of this same geography. “Go to random people in Sacramento and mention the words Oak Park or Del Paso Heights or Meadowview, and there will be instantaneous perceptions, particularly if they’re older. “African-American communities are heavily policed, overly policed, and then you have this certain attitude from police officers,” the organizer said. It was to combat blight. The West End, where Hernandez’s parents met in the 1940s, used to look very different. Sacramento County. We created racial rules for a marketplace. At the closest zoom possible from census data, the neighborhood where Stephon Clark died was roughly 47 percent white in 1980. The routes protesters chose have taken them past ghosts of a particularly charged history—although not one many outside the area would have any reason to know. Click a tract to display its demographic data: NOTE: Data shown correspond to current tract … Roughly half of the 316 jaywalking tickets issued in 2016 were to black people, the Sacramento Bee reported last year, even though they make up just 14 percent of the city’s population. This is why you have poverty, why you have no jobs there, why you have freeways cutting off these neighborhoods,” Hernandez said. Policing in Sacramento today reflects the same racial divides that the city’s public policies and services have imposed for a century. “Because there were no race covenants out there, this was a place minority families could move to,” Hernandez said. But the only person that’s going to get killed in their community by the police are the black people in the black communities. They mustered about 10 miles away outside City Hall, then took a move the city police chief acknowledged was unexpected—up onto Interstate 5 at the height of rush hour, locking up traffic for a mile in every direction, then wheeling around off the freeway to coagulate at the Golden 1 Center about an hour before the Sacramento Kings planned to play the 73rd game of their NBA season. And an inherent property of redlining is that if a neighborhood is non-white in its population then it’s worth less. Reprinted with permission from ThinkProgress ( The two decades after Truman’s “Fair Deal” saw drastic demographic shifts in neighborhoods that had been as lily-white as anywhere else outside the West End. Over the decade after that map was drawn, the city as a whole saw what passed for boom times in that era. The sales pitch didn’t quite work. By December 1848, John Sutter Jr., in association with Sam Brannan, began laying out the City of Sacramento, 2 miles south of his father's settlement of New Helvetia. The combination put a “bulls-eye” on the neighborhood, Hernandez said, in the post-war period when politicians around the country started looking to overhaul inner cities they’d long neglected. Photo courtesy of University of Maryland/Races Redlining. ... Map Legend. Damn near all,” said Berry Accius, a community activist who’s helped lead the protests that followed Clark’s killing. By the 1950s, the West End was ripe for redlining’s grim twin, that other vital tool to America’s racist housing history: urban renewal. Because they are looked at as savages. By 2010, that share had dropped in half. Sacramento Gentrification Map: 2000 Census - Present. Just as tax-increment financing let Sacramento leaders bypass West End resistance, Congress gave cities across the country another cheap tool to tear up the “blighted” pockets of black and brown family life they’d created generations earlier through redlining: Interstate highways. Nobody wants to understand or admit how this has taken shape.”. The east-west axis is overwhelmingly white, and the city’s minority populations cluster in the north and south ends of the metro area, a dotted line bissected by that white branch.


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