I love that they are breakfast bars, cause that makes them healthy right? I’m looking for a breakfast bar that is somewhat healthy and cover my food needs for the morning. The peanut butter cookies were one of my first recipes! Even my picky girl who “doesn’t like raspberries” is loving them! okaaay. I think you could easily swap the raspberries with blackberries. I don’t have a food processor so I just rubbed in the butter like you would with pastry. I also, just wanted to say that I forgot to prebake the bottom crust last time and they still turned out great! They’re still in the oven, but i’ll let you know if they turn out…. In the future, I will bake the flour/oat base for the shorter amount of time. All in all a lovely recipe and one I am sure to keep using. While they are deliciously decadent, they do nothing but send my glycemic index thru the roof first thing in the morning, which doesn’t help me to be healthy, productive or focused. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, rotating the … I would still love your input on the bars, thanks Deb!! my kids will go crazy for these. Plums… peaches… blueberries… oh, the possibilities! I made these tonight and they were delicious. Making these tonight for a work treat tomorrow. I think I need some coffee….and raspberry bars ! I removed most of the liquid after they’d macerated so that the base wouldn’t get too soggy. With just the huzzleband and and I too eat them, some might go stale. ), and I swear they taste like strawberry NutriGrain bars, only way better. This is a winner. Dawn — I might thaw them and drain them a little, just to be safe. I bumped it up to two cups and was very happy with the results. You sold me immediately with the pictures… the raving about the NC mountains was just a bonus. Hurry! I kept the amount of sugar the fillings the same as the recipe. Krya — No reason you can’t use a pastry blender or just rub it together with your fingers. Do you think I could replace the all purpose flour with almond flour? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It didn’t taste too sweet at all. The end results are just too good. I weighed my flour and it was around 215g, They’re not granola bar-like at all, more of a pie bar. I cut up my figs, threw in the last handful of prunes and the rest of a packet of Trader Joe’s Dried Pears, added some water to get everything going, and threw in some cinnamon. Thanks for the recipe! I actually added some of the melted butter into the reserved crumb topping to make it really clumpy, cause that’s how I like it. Thanks for the recipe! I’m visiting in Feb and so far I have Baked and Magnolias on my list. Can’t wait to make some berry bars. Yum Yum yum cant even wait to try these Deb :). I’ve made similar types of baked goods that seemed to keep for at least twice as long as that. Elsewhere: Forget the milk and cookies! Also, I cannot stop giggling at the typo in the third paragraph of the recipe – “use your hans”. following up on my own question for anyone who comes after me: i swapped the AP flour for about 2/3 almond meal and 1/3 teff flour and they came out great! I just finished pitting 16 quarts of sour cherries last night an am going to try them in this recipe I will have to cook them down a bit because they are so juicy. I’m so glad you got to experience it firsthand . Argh. I am thinking that I’ll double the base/topping mix next time so that I have a base & topping that are closer to equal in depth, and any extra can easily be frozen or refrigerated (make a tiny quick crumble with it!). I think it could work here. It’s beautiful, right? It’s a cold day here in Northern Wisconsin so I decided to do some baking after I dropped my son off at school. I feel like I could eat half the pan in one sitting!!! Looks fabulous! Should they come out firm like a granola bar? Let us know how it goes if you can! I think I’ll use a crumb pie crust for the bottom layer as it’s potentially sturdier, and also why oh why is there leavening in the bottom layer? 1.25 cups oats was 100-110g (I put in in the food processor and had to scoop it back out to weigh!) I just made some YUMMY potato chips, sprinkled them with a little kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Do I have to let them defrost and drain before I use them in this recipe? These raspberry bars just got pushed to the top of my must make list, they look perfect for back-to-school to grab and go for my early morning lectures/rotations. I have made the Cooks Illustrated raspberry streusal bars many times -which are great. Sweeter than I thought but that doesn’t bother me one bit. This is where I go every summer to refill my spiritual tank.


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