An unknown alcohol or phenol was tested in the lab. Aldehydes and ketones constitute an important class of organic compounds containing the carbonyl group. QUALITATIVE TESTS FOR ALOOHOLS AND PHENOLS 5. EXPERIMENT 2- QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS OF AMINO ACIDS AND PROTEINS ... Millon’s Test: Millon’s test is specific to phenol containing structures (tyrosine is the only common phenolic amino acid). Read this article to learn about the qualitative and quantitative tests for amino acids and proteins. b. The tests can also determine whether or not there is a secondary methyl alcohol functionality in the molecule. HCl (aq) The two common qualitative tests for unsaturation are the reactions of the compounds with (a) bromine in carbon tetrachloride and (b) potassium permanganate. Aim Theory Distinguishing Tests between Aldehydes and Ketones Materials Required Apparatus Setup Procedure Observations Results and Discussion Precautions. This can form complex with Fe(III) in FeCl3, which has a blue/green/red color depending on the nature of the phenol. of alcohol is NOT likely to be? So as mentioned above, phenol is more acidic and can form phenoxide anions. TEST of KROK 2 Qualitative reaction for phenol is the reaction with bromine water. Aldehyde has the structure RCH(=O) while a ketone has the structure of R 2 C(=O). There are six tests for the detection of functional groups in amino acids and proteins. In the second test tube, marked as TWO, a solution of aniline in dilute HCl is prepared.In the third test tube, marked as THIRD, a solution of sample in dilute NaOH is taken and all three test tubes are immersed in an ice bath for at least 5 minutes. Alcohol is too weakly acidic to even form the alkoxide or the complex. Qualitative Phytochemical Screening: Test for Carbohydrates: The presence of carbohydrates was confirmed when 2 ml of extract was treated with 1 ml of Molisch’s reagent and few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid which resulted in the formation of purple or reddish color. (ii) is not a good test on its own, since so many other readily reducible organic compounds will give the same reaction, though following it up by testing for an aldehyde gives it much more validity (i) Lucas test – shake a few drops with cold zinc chloride in conc. Qualitative Tests for Alcohols, Alcohol Unknown, IR of Unknown In this experiment you are going to do a series of tests in order to determine whether or not an alcohol is a primary (1°), secondary (2°) or tertiary (3°) alcohol. Millon’s reagent is concentrated HNO 3, in which mercury is dissolved. chemical test RCH 2 OH, R = H, alkyl or aryl (NOT a phenol). What can you say about the structure of this unknown? 6. ). This method gave a qualitative test with as little as 0.1 mg. of p-tertiary amylphenol, but for the most accurate calorimetric comparisons 0.5 to 1.0 mg. should be present. Table of Contents. What compound is produced as a result of the interaction of phenol with bromine water and drops out as a white solid? What class a. • A 2,4,6-tribromophenol • B 2-bromophenol • C 3-bromophenol • D 4-bromophenol • E 2,4-dibromophenol 19. The six tests are: (1) Ninhydrin Test (2) Biuret Test (3) Xanthoproteic Test (4) Millon’s Test (5) Hopkins-Cole Test and (6) Nitroprusside Test. TABLE III General Application Phenolic com- pounds Non-phenolic compounds Compound Phenol o-Hexylphenol o-Phenylphenol o-Nonylphenol p-Hexylphenol Ferric chloride test is specific for determination of phenol presence. When chromic acid was added, it turned from orange to green. Article Views are the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads since November 2008 (both PDF and HTML) across all institutions and individuals. In a test tube, marked as ONE, a pinch of NaNO 2 is taken and distilled water is added to it. When FeCh was added to a separate portion of the unknown, it turned purple.


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