The stages are: 1.Isolation of the Genetic Material (DNA) 2. Selection of a Suitable Cloning Vector DNA or Vehicle DNA 3. Scientists regularly use recombinant DNA to add traits to certain species of bacteria or produce organisms which have additional traits. Amplification of Gene of Interest using PCR 5. Generally, recombinant DNA technology is used to increase copies of a given gene in order to increase the production of a given product. EcoRI MAIN STEPS INVOLVED IN MOLECULAR CLONING USING RECOMBINANT TECHNOLOGY As recombinant DNA technology advances, technique precision must be balanced by ethical concerns. 5) As host cell replicates, recombinant molecules are passed on to progeny known as ‘clones’ 6) Cloned DNA can be recovered & analyzed from the host cells after processing. Procedure for Production of Recombinant DNA (rDNA) 5. There is a basic process for getting recombinant DNA into cells, though the exact method varies depending on the specific organism. Therefore, the … ISOLATION This is DNA that has been formed artificially by combining constituents from different organisms. The steps are: 1. Selection of Target DNA 2. Ligation of DNA Fragment into a Vector 6. The following points highlight the seven steps involved in the preparation of a recombinant DNA. Recombinant DNA technology combines DNA from different sources to create a different sequence of DNA. 1. In living organisms, recombinant DNA was achieved by Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen who insert foreign DNA from plasmids by using E.Coli restriction enzymes. The following points highlight the seven main stages of recombinant DNA technology. Cutting of DNA at Specific Locations 3.Isolation of Desired DNA Fragment 4. The first step in making recombinant DNA is to isolate donor and vector DNA. The last step of recombinant DNA technology is aimed at increasing the production of the desired product. WHAT IS RECOMBINANT DNA? Tools Used in Process of Recombinant DNA technology. . Restriction Enzymes:- Its role is to identify the site where the desired gene is introduced into the vector genome Recombinant DNA technology is used in a wide range of applications from vaccine production to the production of genetically engineered crops. Introduction of the rDNA into a Host Cell 6. The procedure used for obtaining vector DNA depends on the nature of Insertion of Recombinant DNA into the Host Cell/Organisms 7. Recombinant DNA Process. Selection of Restriction Endonucleases 4.


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