Create an Account », 1120 SW Fifth Avenue The first mile or so to me has the best flow for a little speed. Relatively small hills but a good endurance trail for cross country. Surprising number of hikers. IMBA Epics | Rode this for the first time today, mainly because Allatoona Creek was not open. Starting from I-75 Take exit 265 (North Marietta Parkway) and head west. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday are clockwise. Terms | Privacy. Still it's a good ride if you live nearby. Will definitely be back to do the other trails. I rode it CW (Saturday) and did all three loops. Many parts of these trails reminded me a lot of Blankets Creek just up the road in Cherokee county and in my book that's a HUGE compliment. I'd come back here again, but if I had my choice I wish there was a few more sections that had a little more flow. Visual trail maps including Marquam Trail and Terwilliger Parkway Trail. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Not too far from ATL. But then, for that, I could just head over the Allatoona Creek (which might be why this one is more windy and technical to mix it up?). Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday are clockwise. Booger is the most fast flowing of the 3, but also has more climbing. I actually went the wrong way the first time I went out there and that could've been problematic if it were on a busy weekend. Rode this trail while visiting my brother and they only had two loops at that point. Although this may be considered an intermediate trail by some - it is more challenging than other int. Keep your speed up, you'll need some momentum to get over the big ones. I am fortunate to ride a lot of different trails from TN to LA....I must say that this trail was a bit of a disappointment to me. Great new trails for me. The park will be 3.1miles ahead on your left. The trailbuilders have done a great job with what they had!! Tabor Park contains a wide variety of blooming plant species that decorate the park with bursts of color starting in early spring and lasting through late summer. Best MTB Gear | Park Blooms Mt. The Booger trail winds a lot through the pines. It was a pretty easy, enjoyable ride; it kept my heart rate up, but rarely spiked it. Rocks of doom has more roots and rock than most trails, although not particularly technical. I really enjoy Mt. Booger is the most technical, probably, and Rocks of Doom isn't too bad, and Pine Pong has some quick switch backs that aren't too bad as long as you're not dodging hikers. Almost all of … This trail will make you a better rider. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are counter clockwise. 1550 East Paulding Drive, Dallas, GA 30157. If you're into roots and rocks and no flow you'll enjoy this trail. I did the distance in 49 minutes even - parking lot to parking lot. Nice trail system, not to difficult just a good ride. I also measured 415 feet of change in elevation. The the loops are stacked in a “snowman” formation and make them progressively harder. Only natural obstacles. Not much flow. The first half of the trail, clockwise, was pretty easy with little worth mentioning; relatively smooth and consistent, though the slippery pine straw and frequent switchbacks prevented any real speed. Almost all of the initial two trails are singletrack and there seems to be a large amount of unused woods back there just begging for new trails. Ride the trail cw and in my opinion this direction is the most fun. Singletracks Merch | I ate it pretty hard on a blind 180 downhill turn on top of a rock group. Ended up hooking up with other riders along the way and rode with them, which made the ride more enjoyable. MTB Podcast | Support Us | and includes the three FMTP trails (red, blue, and green). 2nd half (again while going clockwise) of the most interior loop was probably the most entertaining with some larger, technical features, more frequent change in elevation, and several bridges crossing back and forth over small streams. As far as trail marking goes, I think a trail map needs to be posted at the trail head so that unfamiliar riders can figure it out, I had ro try it a few times to get all trails covered. Correction to the trail direction info - sign at the main trailhead in the parking lot says that the trails are now ridden opposite of most, CW on Tue Thur Sat, and CCW on Mon Wed Fri Sun. Very rooty but will do if some of the other larger trails in the nearby area are closed. The trail system consists of 3 stacked loops(Pine pong,Rocks of doom,and Booger) Pine pong has many tight turns through roots and rock. Night riding allowed, but the park closes at 11pm. West Portland Trail Map - from Council Crest to George Himes Park. The the loops are stacked in a "snowman" formation and make them progressively harder. Having said that, this trail isn't much fun! It was a decent change. Good for practicing tight turns on hills and handling rock gardens.


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