So, if your business reaches out with all these benefits of mobile marketing first, your business will be at an advantage. When she’s not working, she can be found reading, playing the piano, or being surrounded by puppies. They don’t want to give themselves away or up to anything that may seem shady or if they’re unsure about it. Instead, the customer can buy your product from anywhere. Everything can go on it now from the credit cards you forgot in the car to the coupons left on the counter. Some of the top search engines on the Internet – including Google, Bing, and Yahoo – can boost search rankings for websites if it is mentioned on other social media like Twitter or Facebook. That lets your business get noticed more when you are mentioned through mobile marketing. Still on the fence about it? You can instantly look up product reviews or see how many people have seen your new ad to debate whether it was effective or not. It is the type of marketing that is putting more and more companies on the map in a much easier and convenient way. The customer doesn’t need to bookmark it and hopefully remember to buy it at the store or at home. Location Based Marketing – The Ultimate Guide, 6 Best Practices to Boost Your Email Engagement. Mobile phones are becoming more important, whether to call, search the Internet, or sell a product. Since there are so many kinds of phones out there, there is also a lot of different ways to the mobile market. Robin Some people may use Chrome while others use Twitter. Mobile advertising can be effective with a … Sometimes, we can’t leave the house without them. Mobile marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at reaching customers or potential customers on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, through social media, emails, websites, SMS, and other forms of communication. Since phones are so mobile, tons of people have a phone on or right beside them at all times. Even though you may think that many companies are online, many businesses have still not adjusted to mobile marketing yet. Of those billions of phones, Iacquire found that 70% of mobile searches lead to action on a website within one hour. This is a con for mobile marketing because the ad may go untouched since if the website or social media page was difficult to navigate. Most ads can be made by a few clicks of a button to reach thousands of customers. You can watch and stay updated on everything about your business right from your fingertips. When a post goes viral, it’s like a chain reaction. Since the possibility of actions is high within hours, mobile marketing is becoming more essential for everyone – including the buyer and the seller. Mobile marketing can also track user responses easily. Privacy issues are one of the biggest concerns around customers. Plus, with social media, marketers can have direct conversations with costumers to get immediate feedback. Since people can buy products on their phones, it’s easier to get a customer to buy the product right then and there. Many... 2. 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Mobile Marketing – TechFunnel, 3 Key Metrics in Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns. Even if one person just retweets your ad, hundreds of more people have the opportunity to see it. Since so many people use phones, mobile marketing benefits the seller, reach a wider audience through social media, texting, notifications, and more. Twitter itself has over 145 million users that log onto it daily, which is a high amount of people to advertise to. Mobile marketing is direct marketing since a phone is usually always near someone at all times. However, how you market on Chrome might not be ideal for marketing on a more personal form of communication like Twitter. It requires less content to be effective. This means that you, from anywhere, can portably send out an ad to anyone in the world. Phones have become one of the most convenient tools in modern-day shopping. It could be the one key factor that puts your business over the edge. It reaches people in real-time situations. According to Statista, there will be an estimated 3.5 billion smartphones in 2020. Even small microblogs, such as Instagram and Twitter, can have large effects. This lets a more diverse audience know about the product you’re selling or advertising. An ad or campaign might need to change per platform to get the best results. If a person shares the post with even just ten people, those ten people may also share it with another ten people until thousands know about it. This could be comforting to newer marketers since they have a higher chance of standing out by creating their own niche. | Robin is a writer, editor, and the founder of, where she offers writing advice and book reviews. Having your website attached to your Twitter means that both your Twitter and your website pop up when it is searched for. List of the Advantages of Mobile Advertising 1. Mobile devices are carried by their owners almost everywhere they go. Instant Results. With mobile marketing, it’s easy to share content that has the potential to go viral. You could do it when your mind thinks about it at home on the couch. You don’t have to dedicate time to the office – or even have an office – to send out an ad. Millions of people know how to use a phone enough to place an ad or just to catch someone’s attention. You can even track how many people went to a certain website page and how long they stayed on that page. Since phones are so mobile, tons of people have a phone on or right beside them at … Since it is so convenient and easy to use, not many people dare to leave their homes without it. That means that there are millions, if not billions, of more people out there to market your product to. Mobile marketing is still a bit new, meaning that the niche of mobile marketing has not fully been explored in all fields. But since everyone’s engaged on their phone, marketing strategies need to find a way to reach them there. Mobile phones have been said to be quite addicting. With so much information on it, it’s becoming more convenient for a potential customer to find and buy your product there. Despite the cons of mobile marketing, there are many benefits of mobile marketing as well. Sometimes, navigation can be hard on a mobile phone. here are the: With billions of phones out there now, more people – that were previously not able to – can connect with the world more through the Internet. How Importance Is Mobile Marketing Technology for Business? With mobile marketing, you can reach people at any place, at any time … Forgot where a product was sold at? Location and personalization. Instead of a large screen and a mouse to use, mobile users are left with only a small screen. The Internet on your phone can let you know. Robin | Robin is a writer, editor, and the founder of, where she offers writing advice and book reviews. That means our phones can ding to give us results the second it happens. Even keeping the ad basic and simple can help it convert across various mobile platforms, including tablets and laptops. The importance of mobile marketing is critical nowadays for businesses to reach their customers and potential customers. Instead, offer clear instructions about how they can opt-out of marketing communications if the customer desires. Having that choice makes the customers feel safer even though it is a number against you if they do not sign up.


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