By supplementing with magnesium, it reduced the inflammatory marker CRP and other such markers in adults, people with prediabetes and those who were overweight. It is an alkalizing agent that can reduce the effects of inflammation and acid on the body. In addition, water with iron doesn’t blend well with soap. By ensuring that your body maintains good levels of magnesium by drinking it in water, you can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. If a woman is pregnant, she needs to take up to 400mg. While magnesium is an essential natural mineral, bicarbonate refers to bicarbonate of soda, more commonly known as baking soda. Studies indicate that low levels of magnesium in the body have a link to chronic inflammation, helping to cause many medical issues like high blood sugar, triglyceride, and insulin levels. It can also damage clothing, interfere with water flow to appliances, and stain porcelain sinks and bathtubs. Required fields are marked *. Traces of it get into city water supplies and end up sticking to metal pipes, which eventually clog the water lines. Adding the magnesium water to your diet can improve your brain and body functions, reduce blood pressure, improve your memory and reduce the chances of heart disease for only a few cents per day. PDF. The proofs in favour of Magnesium (Mg) come from studies reporting sudden deaths in areas with Mg deficient drinking water, low myocardial Mg content in sudden death cases, cardiac arrhythmias & coronary artery vasospasms being precipitated by Mg deficiency and intravenous Mg reducing the risks of Arrhythmias & deaths immediately after Acute Myocardial Infarction.” There is also some evidence that calcium and magnesium in drinking water may help protect against gastric, colon, rectal cancer, and pancreatic cancer, and that magnesium may help protect against esophageal and ovarian cancer. In these studies there was no recording of the diet. This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice as it is only to be used for informational purposes. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is in many of the foods people consume, such as: The ions in magnesium help to control over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and functions like muscle contractions, the reproduction of cells, and it transports substances from cell to cell. Similar to these animal study experiments, human population studies show that populations with less than 3–6 ppm magnesium drinking water have very high rates of mortality from heart disease, and that rate goes down as the magnesium concentration of their water goes up, the higher the better . Although you can find magnesium bicarbonate in some commercially bottled waters, most people make magnesium water at home to take advantage of its many benefits. Another trial studying adults with depression showed that giving them 450mg of magnesium per day was as effective as antidepressants in improving their mood. Magnesium bicarbonate water makes it easy for humans to get the magnesium they need to help the body function as it should. Several studies have reported that calcium and magnesium in drinking water have a dose-dependent protective effect when it comes to cardiovascular disease. While the primary source of magnesium is food, adding it to city drinking water sources provides many benefits. Conclusions —The results of the present study show that there is a significant protective effect of magnesium intake from drinking water on the risk of cerebrovascular disease. In a Swedish case control study magnesium and calcium in drinking water were associated with lower mortality from acute myocardial infarction in women but not with the total incidence. People with kidney disease, however, may suffer from hypertension, confusion, muscle weakness, and coma.


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