Parenting Plan Guidelines Superior Court of California, County of Orange Family Court Services 341 The City Drive Orange, CA 92868 (657) 622-6196 Here are some things to remember in your long distance divorce and custody agreement. What is a typical long distance parenting plan (over 1,000 miles apart) for a primary/secondary custody situation? I developed this parenting plan template based on over 200 custody evaluations I have conducted during the past five years. In this case, a parenting plan’s main concern is with ensuring that both parents fulfill their duties to the children, in spite of any separation, so as to contribute to their development. Make […] Long Distance Parenting Plans: Designing long distance parenting plans usually isn’t too difficult for school-aged children between the ages of 5 and 15. Long Distance Parenting Plan Also, decision making will also have to be addressed. LONG DISTANCE PARENTING PLAN* (These instructions are intended to be used while completing a Long Distance Parenting Plan) *Legal matters can be very complex. Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Plan The school schedule dictates when the child will be able to travel for parenting time with the non-residential parent. There are many parts to creating a long distance parenting plan. Long-distance parenting plans are by necessity going to look very different than standard parenting plans adopted by parents who live near each other. If you have questions or concerns about the use of these forms, instructions, or your legal rights, it … There are additional questions that need to be answered by a long-distance parenting plan, many of which require co-parents to think creatively and well in advance. When When you get to the meat an potatoes of what to include in the parenting plan it can be tough to make sure you have it all down. If the distance between the two residences is more than 100 miles, parents should refer to the "Long–Distance Parent/Child Access" section of this booklet. One of the things I consistently observed was that parents did not have a clue about how to make REALISTIC long term plans for their children. will designate custody and will create an access plan it finds is in the children’s best interests. Because long distance transportation can be expensive, time consuming, and hard of children, particularly young children, rather than the shorter, frequent visits you'd expect to see in a local parenting plan, you are going to have a plan that has less frequent, but longer visits.


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