Step #2: Place baking sheet in oven. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a86440884a420e2b8e93f7b5f2b5467b" );document.getElementById("e4cae0159a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 5.0 01 Banalnie prosta, szybka w przygotowaniu i przepyszna „nutella” na bazie awokado, które jest źródłem witaminy: A, B1, B2, PP, C, K, H oraz substancji mineralnych, wapnia, potasu oraz jednonienasyconych kwasów tłuszczowych. This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase through one of my links (at no extra cost to you). Cool completely then move to a mason jar or bowl and store in the fridge. If you liked this post, I would so appreciate you giving it a share by using the social sharing icons. and is less bitter than traditional cocoa powder. They’re also rich in Vitamin E and have been shown to increase good cholesterol levels in some studies. Keto Chocolate Heaven (keto chocolate dessert recipe). Keto Kickstart: Free 30-Day Keto Program! Remove the parchment paper from the bars and place the bars on a cutting board. bags. To a food processor, add 2 cups roasted, blanched hazelnuts and vanilla extract. Many of the product links you see on Forget Sugar Friday are affiliate links, which means a small commission is received for referring the product to you, but at no extra cost to you. Pulse a few times, then process until a nut butter forms (about 2 minutes). Especially at only 1g net carbs per serving! You can also roast and blanch raw hazelnuts if you prefer; I’ll show you how later in the post. (Note: I used non-stick cooking spray because I had run out of parchment paper, and I had some minor sticking issues.). I ended up removing mine after 11 minutes. Making the hazelnut butter has to be done with roasted, blanched hazelnuts. The label displays a simple chocolate hazelnut spread, but the ingredients list reveals a different story: Nutella’s primary ingredient is sugar. You bet they are! Roast for 10 minutes, removing them at the 5-and 10-minute mark to stir them. If you cannot find the hazelnut butter, an alternative would be to buy dry roasted and blanched (peeled) hazelnuts and make your own nut butter from the hazelnuts. You’ll simply put them in a food processor and process them for about 2 minutes until nut butter is formed. 7 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes for a Guilt-Free Holiday Meal! Maybe I should just call these “Happiness in a Pan”! In fact, […] But, these bars are VERY rich and you really only need to cut small pieces, like I did for my Keto Chocolate Heaven (keto chocolate dessert recipe), as shown below: The nutrition facts for this recipe are based on cutting the bars into small pieces as shown above. A healthy treat doesn’t get much easier than this brilliant 3-ingredient Keto Nutella Pots recipe! Step #3: Immediately remove them from the baking sheet and put them inside of a towel that has some texture to it (I used a microfiber cloth). Line the bottom of a small glass dish (I used a 6-cup rectangular dish, which is 8 1/2″ x 6 3/4″) with parchment paper. TIP: If you’d prefer to have bigger pieces of hazelnuts in your bars, you’re welcome to process them to whatever texture you’d like. Don’t worry; it’s easy! can we talk about those little pieces of heaven up there? Thanks for visiting! You’ll hear them roasting and sizzling on the baking sheet! You can use regular cocoa powder, but I highly recommend Dutch-process cocoa powder because it has a more intense chocolate flavor (yum!) These super easy ketogenic Nutella pots won’t wreck your Keto … TIP: This has to be done with roasted, blanched hazelnuts. Chop remaining 1/2 cup hazelnuts and spread them evenly across the top. Place over medium heat and bring up to a simmer, stirring regularly. These Keto Nutella Bars may be sinfully decadent and rich, but they're perfectly acceptable on a keto or low carb diet! If you’re working with raw hazelnuts, you’ll need to follow the “How to Roast and Skin Raw Hazelnuts” section below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I hope you love these low carb Nutella bars! Then use them for recipes like these yummy bars…. Although there are some sugar-free Nutella-like products, they rarely match what I can make at home. Keto Nutella Bars {Easy Keto Dessert} These Keto Nutella Bars may be sinfully decadent and rich, but they’re perfectly acceptable on a keto or low carb diet! Here is the process about 3/4 the way through: Step #4: Once the skins are mostly off (they won’t be perfect), remove them from the towel and discard the skins. If you’re looking for a sugar substitute, you’ll love Swerve Confectioners! The real size of each piece is much smaller, but I assure you, a small piece is all you need! It also measures just like sugar, so there isn’t any guessing about how much to use. With 13g fat per piece, they’re definitely keto fat bombs and make an ideal dessert … For photography purposes, I cut the bars into larger pieces. You want the skins to rub off. THANK YOU! Chop the remaining 1/2 cup hazelnuts and add them to the top. Step #1: Preheat oven to 360 degrees F, then add raw hazelnuts to a baking sheet in a single layer. I purchase the 48 oz. Simmer for a couple of minutes then remove from the heat. To the food processor, add the following ingredients in this order, processing to fully incorporate before adding the next ingredient: Next, line the bottom of a small glass dish (I used a 6-cup rectangular dish, which is 8 1/2″ x 6 3/4″) with parchment paper. The Keto Nutella will keep in the fridge for several weeks. Cut into 30 pieces. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Spread evenly into the bottom of a pan. If you used to be as addicted to the famous, chocolatey hazelnut spread as I was, you’re going to love this low carb version of it. (Yep, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher are owned by the same company!). (That gives Swerve zero net carbs.) I’m calling them Keto Nutella Bars, but you could also call them Keto Ferrero Rocher candies —they taste so much like both of those yummy treats. Image and recipe courtesy of Have Butter Will Travel These Keto Nutella Fat Bombsrequire a bit more work upfront, by roasting the hazelnuts in the oven first, but it will be worth it. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework. With 13g fat per piece, they’re definitely keto fat bombs and make an ideal dessert or snack. Plus, they’re decadent keto fat bombs with 13g fat per piece and only 2g net carbs. Place the cream, cacao powder and stevia into a small saucepan. The mixture will be thick. Keep a very close watch on them after 10 minutes and remove them before they start to burn. The other two ingredients are coconut oil, and collagen powder. However, if you purchase raw hazelnuts with skins like I did, I’ll show you how to roast and skin them! These commissions help to keep the site running. If you add hazelnuts to the top of your bars, I highly recommend purchasing hazelnuts that have already been roasted and skinned because it’s a lot easier. These Keto Nutella Bars may be sinfully decadent and rich, but they’re perfectly acceptable on a keto or low carb diet! With 13g fat per bar, they're definitely keto fat bombs and make an ideal dessert or snack. The first thing you’ll need to do is make hazelnut butter with 2 cups of your hazelnuts and the vanilla extract. The Must-Have Keto Meal Prep Tool (That You Didn’t Know You Needed), Your Disinfectant Won’t Work if You Don’t Do This One Thing.


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