Adding another similar card can really put the fear in your opponents when they consider slamming a sweeper. DISCUSSION. Silent Clearing’s price tag certainly gave me the extra motivation – Sunbaked Canyon did not exactly fit on the balance sheet. These pages show the most popular initial changes to various preconstructed decks. Citywide Bust is awkward with our anthem effects, so I decided to cut it and leave Cleansing Nova instead – our Wrath recovery is pretty good. In their downtime, Josh can be found painting models, playing Magic, or possibly preaching about the horrors and merits of anthropophagy. So, after adding non-creatures, we’re only up to $16.77. Playtest v1. What am I doing with the rest of our budget? When Jirina Kudro enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Human Soldier creature token for each time you've cast a commander from the command zone this game. Don’t worry – all seven creatures we’re adding are Humans. I’d also play Savai Triome alongside these if I could – I know it enters tapped, but doing so on an opportune early turn or cycling late is a huge boon. To make sure I have a cohesive theme, I stick with the Commander that you see on the front of the box for the deck and use that to guide my choices. We’ll be augmenting this plan with more Humans, better Humans, some improved utility cards, and greater consistency. With all the Humans in the deck, this is solid even in the late game. Finally, Titan Hunter just doesn’t seem like it does enough for the cost and wants to be replaced by something more proactive. Here’s the final decklist – I hope you like it. Here’s the premise: I take each preconstructed deck and make an improvement to it on a $50 budget. Edit. The checklands are another great tool for decks of all budgets. Add to folder Copy. Let’s start with the six creatures I’m cutting. Sulfurous Springs ($6.99) and Caves of Koilos ($1.05). It’s hard to get more linear than Jirina’s plan wants you to get – play Humans and attack with Humans. Cards such as Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard are great at finding Humans due to their generally-diminutive power or toughness. Verge Rangers doesn’t actually ramp and thus really isn’t worth the card. Plenty of room remains. Besides, we only have bouncelands, Nomad Outpost, Path of Ancestry, and some Hideaway lands left, and none of those are all that bad. (19 cards, 19 distinct) - Sulfurous Springs, Clifftop Retreat, Silent Clearing, Pitiless Plunderer, Isolated Chapel, General Kudro of Drannith, Dragonskull Summit Aerothorn's Jirina Upgrades - Deckbox Normally, we tend to shy away from writing deck … Obviously I’m pulling those prices from this very website,, as I write. Add To Wishlist Restock Notice Gatherer & Rulings Eric Levine, also known as RagingLevine, is an accomplished Magic Judge, having head judged many Grand Prix events as well as the Mythic Championship. The preconstructed version of this deck has only 36 lands, and I’ve moved up to 37 and really improved the selection. If someone casts a 6-mana Wrath, recovering by playing this followed by a 2-tax Jirina Kudro gives you a board of a 3/3 Jirina, two 3/1 tokens, and a 6/4 Champion – not bad for two cards. If you are recurring an artifact with Daring Archaeologist, you're probably recurring Panharmonicon. Humans: You either love them and relate to them as a tribe, or you hate playing against them with a passion. The prices may have changed as of the publication of this article, which means the overall cost might be lower or higher, and some cards may be out of stock now. Jirina Kudro edh Plaguecrafter ($0.29) Includes all cards that came in the precon “sealed deck” and a few reasonable upgrades I think, for an aggressive deck like this, a strong manabase may be the most important thing. Wonder Woman's Future State, The X-Men Moment We've All Been Waiting For in X-Men #15 [XH], Locke & Key Season 2: Darby Stanchfield Offers Thanks from Set & More, Chris Claremont Reveals How He'd Rewrite the X-Men from Scratch, A Problem With Franklin Richards Never Having Been A Mutant, The Mandalorian S02 The Jedi Review: Fan Favorite Debuts (SPOILERS), Shiny Goldeen and Shiny Seaking Are Live in Pokémon GO, Let's Take A Look At Super7's New Ultimate Andre The Giant Figure, Wonder Woman's Green Lantern Look - Daily LITG, 26th November 2020, DC Comics Death Metal Arrives With McFarlane Toys Newest Wave, Spider-Man Swings on in With Our Newest Holiday Guide. This deck comes with the ridiculously powerful Flawless Maneuver, but that card can only do so much by itself. A couple points of life are an acceptable price to pay for smoother early game plays. Kelsien shines in a deck built fully around him, but this isn’t going to be anything like that. If you’re playing Jirina, no matter your budget, tweet your list at @RagingLevine so I can see your take! This week, I’ll be upgrading the Ruthless Regiment deck featuring Jirina Kudro. Seven cards in, we’re just $11.45 into the budget. We love to hear feedback from our readers! Edit Live Edit. I’ve mentioned that our creatures are going to die, right? Syr Konrad makes that proposition even more damaging for opponents while also carrying the Human creature type – it’s a win/win. If I had the ability to get some shocklands in here, I would have done so already. The Human Toolbox: No, this isn't the name of a sideshow performer or street artist. Jirina Kudro Commander / EDH RBW (Mardu) shinoby8. It’s often worth slowing down board development a little to draw extra cards, as you never know when the board will be wiped altogether. Add to folder Copy. This could have been Inspiring Vantage as well, but not Blackcleave Cliffs – who’s ready for a reprint of the Scars fastlands? Panharmonicon: This card is the most important piece of the strategy in this deck. The horizon lands are amazing, and I add them to decks whenever I can find the room. Click a card below for more info on that precon. Obviously the dream scenario is still turn one Champion, though. Jirina is ready to go back to the command zone and get recast, as every time she does, she brings more friends. (19 cards, 19 distinct) - Sulfurous Springs, Clifftop Retreat, Silent Clearing, Pitiless Plunderer, Isolated Chapel, General Kudro of Drannith, Dragonskull Summit Aerothorn's Jirina Upgrades - Deckbox Jirina Kudro Ideas. Master Warcraft: This card and its ilk (such as Odric, Master Tactician) are relevant in this deck because generally speaking, Commander is a format all about larger creatures and ways to win through big plays, and given that this is a Human aggro deck with no realistic means of evading blockers, these cards can help turn the tides in your favor. We’ve spent $48.55, which leaves $1.45 for you to buy a second copy of Caves of Koilos or something. That budget doesn’t include tax or shipping, and it uses singles prices, of course. (My very good friend Eric likes to play it with Starke of Rath in 10 Ticket Commander, but that’s a different story altogether.) One of the most prolific and populous creature types in Magic: The Gathering is also one of its least magical, as chances have it. This week, I’ve made some intentional changes to that balance – we’re going down two non-creatures to add a creature and a land, so you’ll see an imbalance as we move through this process. Obviously the dream scenario is still turn one Champion, though.


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