In fact, there are eight different kinds of xylan coatings.This enables you to not only enjoy all the benefits of using xylan as your coating material, but also customize its use precisely by choosing the best formulation of the coating. 2. Today’s article covers what cookware to avoid, but you can look here for the safest cookware and bakeware options available. There's 1000's of products on the market that contain non-stick coatings such as Whitford's XYLAN plus and have no issues and are safe for the home. A wide range of materials, prices, and styles make it more difficult to figure out what’s best for your kitchen. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), the original fluoropolymer, is a tough yet flexible, material with great electrically insulating properties and excellent resistance to chemicals; it has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid. However, its nonstick coating seems to be less advanced as we saw the same sentiment echoed on multiple review sites that the nonstick coating tends to erode quickly as well. Xylan® is dishwasher safe but also easy to be handwashed as it repels both water and grease. 3. Xylan® is the economical nonstick coating by Whitford with an attractive, glossy finish. PTFE coating is also referred to as Xylan ® or Teflon ® Is Teflon Safe – Final Word I encourage everyone who reads this to do additional research on Xylan Plus coating by Whitford for themselves. 5. This makes it ideal as a coating for moving parts such as stud bolts, bearings, and shafts. In fact, you could say Teflon is a wonder material. View Pots & Pans with WHITFORD XYLAN PLUS Similar to ceramic, stonewear cooking equipment is a non-toxic alternative that usually involves a combination of crushed stone and a PTFE-free coating in order to achieve similar results to those of typical non-stick cookware. Teflon is also being used in the electrical industry because of its electrical properties. Available in 2- or 3-coat systems for longer life. 10 key facts about Xylan ® Plus The Xylan family of spray coatings provides economical nonstick solutions for your cookware, bakeware or small electrics 1. Ideal for Moderate, Promotional, OPP price/performance and versatility. Brands such as Stoneline, Swiss Diamond & Ozeri all provide good products in this range. Stainless Steel Ever wonder why there are so many types of cookware to choose from? 4. Provides an attractive, glossy finish. Safest Cookware and Bakeware Options. Xylan is one of the most versatile materials to make coatings out of, which means that there are plenty of benefits to using it. What is PTFE coating? Check out this article on how industrial businesses use Teflon spray.


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