A simpler way would be to collect your own fresh water with a tank or move to the countryside. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. We would like to hear from you. The installation is easy and tool-free. These are the following: aluminum and magnesium hydroxides, and tricalcium phosphate. However, please note that white spots on teeth might not necessarily mean that you have fluorosis, and you should always see a doctor that will help you to identify the cause. More fresh fruits and vegetables, no dairy products, less meat. You can have a look on my best picks in this article. I do have a question though. For those who don’t know, hard water tends to leave little spots on your glasses and plates, which makes it pretty easy for you to tell if you have it in your home—unlike fluoride, which doesn’t have a visible effect or even a taste, most of the time. I love spring water and use it regularly and now am wondering if this source that I collect it from has higher levels of fluoride than recommended. HERO is a unique financing option that helps California homeowners afford energy efficient upgrades to their home. In most cases, fluoride won’t cause any damage if its amount is not more than 1.5 mg/l. Our local HVAC, plumbing, and window specialists will walk you through the entire process, from applications to installation. I live in the country and on a farm. That’s why, for any who is really concerned about their drinking water, I suggest working with a professional company that installs filtration systems. I generally recommend to everyone I know that they should test their tap water if they are at all concerned about how safe it is to drink. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data as per our Privacy Policy *. Drink Spring Water. Expert plumbing companies have all the know-how and equipment a homeowner needs to really determine what level of filtration is needed for the tap water in their home, from upgrading the taste, to removing fluoride and other elements. I think there is no need to deeply explain this method, because if you are a regular reader of this website you have probably read about reverse osmosis so many times. I don’t want you to wait until your local authority takes care of this. White spots on teeth can identify this disease. There are more advanced testers available but we are talking hundreds here, so the question is… Is it worth the price? Fascinating – I knew about the fluoride in the water system to fight tooth decay, however I had no idea that higher amounts can cause issues. To remove fluoride, you’ll need a filter that accounts for safety and health too. Wondering how to finance a new HVAC system, windows, or plumbing project? My name is Eugen, and on this blog, I share everything related to drinking water. Share your experience with the fluoride in a comment section below. Lately, what I realized is that we shouldn’t trust the government and/or the big organizations that claim they care about public’s health. Actually there are tests to detect Fluoride in water. How to Remove Fluoride from Your Tap Water at Home. It is not that it’s explicitly bad, but It is not something you need to have in water as I believe with balanced diet we have enough of it from elsewhere. Lead in drinking water is … Check out my other articles on the website, I believe I have enough information so you can make an informed decision. I am glad that my article has helped you and educated you about the issue. If that’s you, I highly recommend working with Bell Brothers to have a water filter installed now. Now I’m glad to know how to remove it from our water. I agree with you that most of the people don’t realize that they are made of water, therefore it plays a massive role in ones health. I remember when I had to go to the dentist as a little kid. We guarantee our service techs will treat you like a valued neighbor. After all, that’s exactly what you are. However, boiling doesn’t remove fluoride. Similar to distillation, RO has a good track record for removing almost everything from water. So my daughter developed fluorosis (whitening of her teeth) which makes it susceptible to tooth decay and have to make frequent trips to the dentist. A professional plumbing company will be able to help you select a model that’s best for your home and your family. Let the water boil for at least 15 minutes. My favorite part of every trip was the end, when after all the cleaning—plus hopefully good news that I didn’t have any cavities—the dentist would let me pick a flavor for my fluoride treatment.


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