Includes mounting screws. Unlike the previous bridge on our list, this one features six instead of three saddles. For a full-on vintage vibe, check out the Bigsby B16 kit. This is the classic Fender American design. I drill mine with a drill press, but a hand-held drill will work fine. 2.4 Check the Neck to the Body Fit Temporarily attach the neck so you can locate the bridge. Guard (2 screws). I like to put in string ferrules into the back to anchor the strings. Then it's just a matter of making another drill guide for your bushing holes and the bridge mounting screw holes. (Break point being where the strings actually hit the bridge saddles.) Use caution, the last thing you want to do is snap the screw off in the hole! The saddles are fully adjustable and powder-coated for longer durability and higher quality intonation. The second telecaster bridge on our list is a genuine Fender American Series Tele Bridge replacement piece. If holes are not pre-drilled, mark the holes and drill starter holes with 1/16 drill bit. Routing guides for pickups, electronics, body cavities / f-holes, necks, and fretboards. The hard part is drilling down through the body. Measure your neck, nut to butt, then subtract that distance from the scale length; the difference is how far back from the bridge-facing edge of the neck pocket the break point should be. Ensure all holes are pre-drilled. Assuming your bridge has predrilled bridge pin holes,Glue it on to the the body before you drill the holes into the body.Your new bridge will then be your hole guide. Honestly, better to take pains over the back, the bridge will hide a lot of sins. 1. The Bridge is a direct replacement and works well. With those, you actually drill holes for the strings to pass clear through the guitar’s body. You also need to drill wide holes for the new bridge posts. When I drill the pin holes in acoustic bridges I use a drilling template/guide; it was suggested that a similar guide might be useful when installing Telecaster type bridges. Two holes have to be drilled behind the bridge pickup, with two more above the strap button, but there’s no need to drill for bridge posts. Drill using your drill guide until the remaining four holes meet up with the partial holes drilled earlier. Printable templates for the Telecaster (Custom, Deluxe, Thinline). Fender Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom hardtail guitar bridge. $14.99 Pretty cool that it's even the correct (narrow) string spacing. Be sure that the lacquer is removed from all areas the new bridge is glued to in order to insure good adhesion.Titebond makes a good white PVA glue that works well. String through body with 2-1/16" string spacing. Before drilling the various bridge screw holes, check your layout. Originally introduced in 1953, this massive casting replaces the original bridge and raises the bridge pickup height. You don't need to exert much pressure with the bit, just enough so it's cutting, and it really helps to place a piece of plywood or something under your pickguard to provide support so when the bit breaks through the hole it does so cleanly, without taking any extra chunks with it.


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