For instance, Hindu religion reinforces traditional patterns of behaviour that call for the subordination of the powerless. Kings and Emperor was worshipped like God and they were considered as the representative of God on earth. Subservient position of women in Hindu and many other religions is the outcome of this feeling. (11) Religion creates political instability in society by entangling itself with politics. Religion sustains his interest in life and make bearable all individual sufferings. 1. "Essay on the Dysfunctions of Religion" TOS 7. Being guided by this different religious organizations, pious people engage themselves in different welfare activities. Different religious organizations like temple, church, Mosques etc. Maltreatment of orchard workers is a negative and unintended result, or dysfunction, of your purchase that may not have been anticipated. Copyright 10. Hence religion has both positive and negative roles. But at the same time religion has many dysfunctions or performs many negative roles which destablishes and disintegrates society. Religion deters individuals from overthrowing all those conditions in which man is abased, enslaved, abandoned, contemptible things. Instead of human effort and worship they start believing on God’s desire and believe that everything is predestined. (14) Religion influences political system of the country. From Marx’s perspective, religion helps to perpetuate patterns of social inequality by reinforcing the notions of fatalism and rebirth. God made them so and no one can alter their condition. Religion is a potent impediment to social change and progress. Some of the main negative functions of religion are as follows: 1. Because of this different religious groups got involved in different kinds of conflict which leads to communalism and communal riots. In common parlance, the functions of religion are more highlighted. Besides values like children should obey their parents, people should be honest and virtuous, women should be faithful to men etc. Talking about religion, for instance, he pointed out the dysfunctional features of religion in a multi-religious society. That is why religion has an important place in the life of an individual. Millions of European Jews were either exterminated or killed by Nazis during Second World War. It creates self-confidence in man and enables him to face the problems of life with courage and strength. (7) Marx opines that religion is the opium of the masses which keeps them in degrading subjection. A social value comes from religious faith and it is the foundation on which social values rest. Religion hinders Social progress and impedes social changes: Religion makes people dogmatic and God-fearing. (9) Religion retards the advance of science and suppressed the democratic aspirations of common people. Because it satisfies the social, psychological and spiritual needs of individual. By the method of reward and punishment it exercises greater control over individual’s behavior. Read this article to get information on the functions and dysfunction of religion! (12) Religion controls the behavior of its followers through preaching’s, teachings, festivals and community activities. Dysfunctions of Religion: Useful notes on Dysfunctions of Religion! The most noteworthy role of religion is that it acts as an important agency of social control. Religious beliefs may cause anxiety when they conflict with natural impulses or important personal relationships. The term sociologists often use to describe that effect is religiocentrism: one’s tendency to take for granted the superiority of his religion above all others. FUNCTIONS AND DYSFUNTIONS OF RELIGION 2 “A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden—beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church, all those who adhere to them” –Durkheim (Henslin, 2009, p. 374). Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Dysfunctions or Negative Roles of Religion: No doubt religion performs many positive roles in society and act as an integrating or unifying force in human society. Essay on the Dysfunctions of Religion – Religion as a basic social institution of human society has been fulfilling certain positive func­tions no doubt. Every religion gives stress on mutual co-operation and the spirit of brotherhood. Plagiarism Prevention 4. A small incident of the destruction of old structure of Babri mosque has deepened the gulf between Muslims and Hindus in India. Religion performs welfare, education and recreation functions - Religious Organizations carry out or build ip some welfare activities and social programs, and they also operate charitable institution, hospitals, orphanages, medical clinics and etc. But at the same time religion has many dysfunctions or performs many negative roles which destablishes and disintegrates society. It performs many social roles. Religion inhibits protests and impedes social changes: Religion provides man emotional consolation and helps him to reconciliate himself with situations. What are the unintended consequences of religion? Religion consoles people at the time of crisis. (15) Religion also directs scientific invention and discoveries and thereby promotes science. It divides society into different sections. Disclaimer 9. All these provide for healthy recreation to people. Content Filtrations 6. Religion helps to kint the social values of a society into a cohesive whole. (2) Religion makes people fatalistic. Dysfunctions of Religion: Useful notes on Dysfunctions of Religion! Prohibited Content 3. He considers himself as the noblest creation of God. Religion assures him a greater reward in after life. He observed how protestant faith of Christian religion led to the development of capitalism in the countries practicing protestant faith and not among countries following other faiths. Image Guidelines 5. In other words religion has both individual and social aspects. Being influenced by religion he looks towards the positive side of everything which further expands his self. Durkheim opines that religion brings solidarity in society. This led to the creation of beautiful temple, mosques and finest music and paintings.


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