REVIEW! Serving breakfast, brunch, and dinner, this long-standing character restaurant location is a favorite for kids and adults alike. The food felt like a total afterthought, as if people were there primarily for the ambiance and character interactions, and food didn’t matter. We love hearing from readers! Privacy Policy. Chef Mickey’s Dinner Menu. Now back to your regularly scheduled Chef Mickey’s dinner review for those planning 2021 Walt Disney World trips, at which time the normal Chef Mickey’s experience will have returned…. It also didn’t help that we had to wait about 30 minutes past our reservation time and didn’t get to see all the characters while we were there, even though we hung around waiting. I just can’t give Chef Mickey’s the benefit of the doubt after our dinner. Call 407-WDW-DINE 60 days in advance for reservations. Stuff yourself with delicious Disney food and helpful Disney tips and information by becoming a TouringPlans Subscriber . Notice that the names of the food are scribbled onto the glass. (Updated July 10, 2020.) Before start thinking I’m just a curmudgeon who hates fun, classic Walt Disney World experiences, wait until you read our upcoming Cinderella’s Royal Table review. You have all of the Fab Five at Chef Mickey’s (in cool outfits, no less), making it one of the best experiences for character dining. Chef Mickey is a character buffet at the Disney Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort serving both Japanese and Western cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I like the design, especially the color and pop art. Due to its high price, it’s a good use of a Disney Dining Plan table service credit if you’re trying to. They took our picture when we checked in and of course we bought it, I look so stressed out. These three things can make it easy to overlook the faults in an experience. I wonder if other buffets will operate similarly as more open at Disney. Normally, Chef Mickey’s participates in the Disney Dining Plan, and accepts Tables in Wonderland for a 20% discount. Chef Mickey’s is a character dining experience with Mickey Mouse and friends in Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort. We loved the outfits that each of the characters had. DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining, Disney World Restaurants, Menus, and DINING REVIEWS All rights reserved. Disclosure Policy Anyone familiar with our blog will instantly recognize this vegetable-free plate of food as mine. PHOTOS: Get Some Cool Personalized Cartoon Ornaments at EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays! At this point, you might be thinking (like I was): “Well, at least dessert should be good. Kids love dessert!” Well…you’d be wrong. But if characters are secondary to food, there are better choices. Namely, the food. Just bad. I find it amusing that one could not find any item to like. I’ve never met ribs I didn’t love…until Chef Mickey’s. The Disney Food Blog Restaurant Search Tool lets you choose criteria from 18 different facets of Disney Dining, then recommends Disney World restaurants that will be perfect for your family! Many guests form great memories during this rite of passage experience and want to return as a result. Disney Dining Plans Last time we visited was in early Dec 2018 for brunch. There’s something to be said for dining in the Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary with monorails passing overhead. Sad review of Chef mickeys and since the pictures of the food were from years ago I wouldn’t believe a word you have to say. Partner With Disney Food Blog Disney Food Blog Review: Brunch at Chef Mickey’s in Disney’s Contemporary Resort! Usually, when I have a bad meal at Walt Disney World, I try to give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt, thinking of the ways my experience might have been an outlier or just unlucky, and find a reason to give it another chance despite the meal. RECIPE! Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram us @DisneyFoodBlog with #OnTheList! Best Disney World Restaurants for First-Timers! The only difference is that Remy can actually cook. Disney World Is at CAPACITY Today — Check Out the Crowds and Wait Times! The bread pudding was actually halfway decent. We Love the Panda Bubble Tea and the Portion Sizes at the Shanghai Holiday Kitchen in EPCOT. NEWS: Mickey and Friends Will Be Returning to Chef Mickey’s in Disney World Soon! During dinner, selections may include roast chicken, carved sirloin, orange teriyaki chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, pizza, pasta. I can’t pass it off as because they’re picky or non-breakfast eaters. It was also the first thing we did before going to any parks or anything else, other than hanging out at pop century. I’m guessing there are a few reasons: 1) nostalgia, 2) the setting, 3) the characters, and 4) the food. It has a bit of a 1990s vibe to it, but not in a way that feels dated. PLEASE NOTE: The dining experience at Chef Mickey’s has temporarily changed during the initial reopening of Walt Disney World Resort. This is always going to one of those buffets where the reaction between those with kids and those without is going to differ. He’s such a fan that he’s been talking about it for TWO YEARS. Well, because he’s a cheerful rodent dedicated to happiness, and not a ruthless businessperson, but I digress. Worthwhile for the characters, for the food, or for both? It sounds like it hasn’t changed much. I liked the mashed potatoes, but they seemed like a cheap kind of instant potatoes. We tried everything at Chef Mickey’s (just thinking about that gives me mild PTSD) and most of the food was completely forgettable. My favorite food is breakfast so whenever we would go to Chef Mickey’s it would be morning time … several helpings of eggs, Mickey waffles and bacon and I am happy. The ribs aren’t always available at Chef Mickey’s (the nightly menu does change some), but don’t get too upset if they’re not there. But the food is bad. Adult price $60.00; Child price $39.00 Tax is included; gratuity is not included. maximize your value on the Disney Dining Plan, Best Value Character Meals on the Disney Dining Plan, Contempo Cafe is our #1 counter service restaurant at Walt Disney World. I agree our trip was in Sept. 18 went because of the Hype, not good would not go again very disapointed, Your email address will not be published. Don’t forget to sample the sundae bar if you’re there for lunch or dinner! Below we have kept information on the typical experience at Chef Mickey’s for your future planning reference, and we will continue to update this page accordingly. Characters are good about spending time and having fun with each table; it’s not just a matter of posing for photos and moving along. Being the first, it was a great experience for our family (aside from our 2.5 year old getting scared by the characters popping up behind him). Ahh! Aside from the monorail overhead, the restaurant just consists of colorful designs, Mickey Mouse pop-art, and a Mickey head motif. Starting on December 16th, Chef Mickey’s will once offer a modified character dining experience for breakfast, and you can read about it here. Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Menu It’s loud, and it’s semi-organized chaos. Overall, Chef Mickey’s is one of the worst restaurants at Walt Disney World when it comes to food. Well, we couldn’t do our favorite, Chef Mickey’s, because it booked too quickly. Is this meal something you’d like to try? We haven’t been there on years. Ordering a Cake in Disney World Mickey spends all of his time out meeting guests, and as a result of his slacking, what the kitchen produces suffers. It’s a restaurant with a ton of fans, and I suspect this review won’t sit well with those fans. 5 min read. We’re All About This MESSY Peppermint Churro from Disney World! Privacy Policy © 2020 The Disney Food Blog. So, roll the dice on food here. I tried the Mouse Domes and found them to be soggy & stale tasting. Disney Food Blog does not claim to represent the Walt Disney Company in any way and is not employed by or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company. The food is good (and getting better), the close-to-the-Magic-Kingdom location is good for a quick respite from the parks, and the celebration songs and parades are fun for everyone. Famous Dishes: Cheesy breakfast potatoes, cheese blintzes, parmesan mashed potatoes, sundae bar, Disney Food Blog Posts Mentioning Chef Mickey’s Restaurant, Past Disney World and Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Coverage, Click here for the latest Disney Food news! This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with The Walt Disney Company. I like processed guilty pleasures just as much as the next guy, but it seemed like everything at Chef Mickey’s was processed and low quality. Food was not memorable. It was just plain bad. It’s also one of the Best Value Character Meals on the Disney Dining Plan. All I remember is all the chaos, chicken nuggets and hot dogs all over the place. I think the first three reasons are all very valid. (Updated July 10, 2020.)


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