Next a Honda 125 then a Honda 250 then a Husky 450 desertmaster. 9 Best Bikes for Seniors – Top Picks for 2020. my current ride is a 2017 250 cc Yamaha street cruiser, I’ve ridden the above Valkyrie, Just fun. Seniors have special considerations to make in choosing a bike. With no clue as to what you are looking for in touring bike all anyone can do is give you *their* preference. Enjoy the rides! Correction for above. More Reviews. Ural-ly should try one! It comes with cruise control, quickshifter, a centerstand, heated grips and hard bags… passengers are down with it, too, and it gets 45 mpg. I was tempted to put the new Honda Gold Wing in here, which I’m definitely attached to, but after I rode this thing back from Portland last month in a day-and-a-third, I’m going to throw the Bad-Decision-Makers Without-a-Pot to-Piss-in crowd a bone. A little tricky to ride at first, the sidecar makes tipping over at a stop pretty tough. The 15 Best Motorcycle Roads In America. For this old man, the best touring bike is a Suzuki LS650 Savage. It’s a bit of an ugly duckling but who cares when your behind the handle bars on a run ride! Heck, our east coast correspondent Chris Kallfelz just bought a new LT with his own actual money, and at least one other MO editor will admit to owning one too. But not me. I am 75 and been riding since i was 16. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. I just sold my honda shadow and stepped down to a reflex scooter which is a lot of fun. Aprilia started production in 2007; $4 or 5 large will get you a low-miles nearly new one, leaving plenty in the IRA even after the 10% early-withdrawal fee for a new pair of Bruno Maglis and to upgrade your account. I’m 77 (going on 78). Get the bike that fits you and go out and ride. Those days are gone with the wind. In 2020, it gets a 19-inch front wheel. I can still ride with ease as long as I have the right bike and don’t try to rub my knee on the pavement in corners. I have a 30″ inseam and I have to have a low riding position to really flatfoot the bike. There’s a learning curve but so far I like it. Halrey Fatboy. It’s our turn now. A new Harley Davidson Dyna Glide has a dry weight of 639 pounds. Bullet- and mostly idiot-proof, these are right up there at the top of the burly oaf per-dollar/ex-wife hates it ratio with the Suzuki Bandit 1200, but with more beer-gut in a tucked-in John Force t-shirt style. Remember guys been there ,seen it,done it,you got nothing to prove now, I find it to have all the power I would ever want. Looking at Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda (the wife is writing this). The Ural looks a lot like a BMW motorcycle because the Russians nicked the design from the Germans during World War II. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. It is time for me to remember the motorcycle riding and stick with the bicycle. I have put 32,000 km on my very reliable Honda SH150. Simple. Category: Rides. A motorcycle outfitted with a sidecar is a fun alternative to a traditional two-wheel motorcycle. My dream bike in retirement was going to be a Ducati but after riding various models,I realised they looked good but uncomfortable to ride. I wish you luck and safety on your world travels! From simple standards to speedy sportbikes, here are 15 of the best entry-level bikes that are built to last and provide thousands of miles of adventure. No one can stop the hands on their clock. excellent health and ride daily during the summer months. (really) Ken. Gee, my phone already has that stuff, and there is a socket right there to charge it up. Tres chic, tres convenient, and tres cheap. Maybe you can put some Harley stuff on that bicycle. The Best Types of Motorcycles for Seniors Three Wheelers. Got that right before i turned 72. With a three-wheel motorcycle, the chance of tipping over is greatly decreased. I started with a Yamaha SRX 250,then progressed to a Kawasaki 500 then a Kawasaki 650. And there’s plenty of room for luggage or groceries. So —- Besides, even wealthy motorcycle people mostly seem to be inherently cheap; otherwise they’d be car people, no? By Seth Richards. How about a Triumph Tiger 800 XRT? Noteworthy is that two wheels are in the front with one in the back – opposite of traditional three-wheel designs. The six-speed dual… Thanks for the advice and tips, Gary. Re: You could use some exercise, see also: Yamaha Ebikes. The heart wants what the heart wants. In the article, I will tell you all about the top touring motorcycles that you can buy this year. The Suzuki Burgman 400 was good, actually great for town and hwy. There are no bells or whistles with these bikes, but they are just over 500 lbs and a very low saddle. The drive shaft and boxer engine are dead giveaways. Weight is not a big issue for me if I keep the weight over the wheels where it belongs. Possibly a vintage king/queen seat and sissy bar. Thanks for sharing your experience, James! You may have seen them in movies like “Where Eagles Dare,” but they are readily available and a ton more fun in person! I recently found The Honda Aero 750. Hopefully you find something that works. Now, with retirement pensions, savings and even reverse mortgages, many now have the money to be “reborn to be wild.”. I’m 66 and ride two bikes: a 2012 Electra Glide (927lb) and a 2005 BMW LT (853lb). It was the biggest bike available in Vietnam, and the safest, as it has disc brakes front and back, a combined braking system (no ABS available), and is an automatic scooter. At 63 years young the best 2 wheeled mode of transportation I’ve found is the Honda CN250 Scooter, also known as the Helix maxi-scooter. Thank you for your service to our country. 2 reasons: I’ve seen guys I never thought would succumb, some of the best minds of my generation, trade in their KTM 990s and GS1000s, their leather onesies and knee pucks for chaps and skid lids. Goodbye Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter? Why? I do not think 3 wheel bikes are safe as when you want to see around a large truck or tractor your one wheel is past the center line of the road. It’s a very smooth operating bike and I feel confident riding it. I have to confess, I’m getting the bug again too. Consider this my personal cross-section of the bikes people like me covet most, and/or actually would (theoretically in my case) own. Can Am makes this space age-looking bike, designed as a three wheeler with a very sophisticated suspension. 2. Now I know about five who upgraded by downsizing to a Versys 650 for their daily transport, and couldn’t be happier. NMLS #3030. Think always of safety and never of rights, and you’re liable to get several years of great adventuring in before you have to hang it up.


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