Melted Gold Shard, Ancient Spirit Dust, Clear Liquid Reagent, Pure Powder Reagent, Metal Solvent, Gem Polisher, Broken Alchemy Stone Shard, Oil of Regeneration, Oil of Storms, Oil of Fortitude, Oil of Corruption, Oil of Tranquility, Gold Bar 1G, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Was thinking it's an event Apprentice’s Elixir of Wings 10 Elixir of Wings 2 Silver Azalea, 1 BDO Alchemy Guide Get 10 Clear Liquid Reagent 5 Powder of Time Including Nodes: Glish Swamp, Quint Hill, Omar Lava Cave, etc. Yeah, says it doesn't work. The NPC says 50 clear liquid reagent are needed to craft the crate but when I try it doesn't work, so what other item is needed? 1 Clear Liquid Reagent 1 Purified Water 2 Fruit 2 Weeds Elixir of Carnage 1 Oil of Corruption 7 Pure Powder Reagent 6 Tiger Mushroom 3 Spirit's Leaf 3 Trace of the Earth Elixir of Concentration 1 Clear Liquid Reagent 3 2 3 1 6 This mixture of Purified Water and vegetable ingredients is a fine solvent so it is widely used as a basic ingredient for medicines and elixirs. 20 Clear Liquid Reagent 20 Pure Powder Reagent 1 Salt, 1 Purified Water, 1 Sunrise Herb, 1 Weed 1 Sugar, 1 Purified Water, 1 Silver Azalea, 1 Weed 180.000 1. I can't find any information explaining it whatsoever. Knowledge: Clear liquid Reagent is one of the most basic alchemical compounds. Clear Liquid Reagent is the most basic Alchemy ingredient for any Elixir, so you won’t have a hard time crafting them! Was expecting a quest after reset but don't see one and still cant use imperial alchemy in the processing tab to make crates with clear liquid Reagent.....anyone got it figured out or is it bugged?


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