The restoration of Church property, the re-establishment of law and administration on lines to which the people were accustomed before the French invasion, and the claiming for the Crown of the vast landed property of the knights, were the first cares of British civil rule. If a young horse be well handled and accustomed to the dummy jockey, mounting it is not attended with much risk of resistance, although this should invariably be anticipated. By simply mixing the pine litter slowly into the previous litter, a cat may gradually become accustomed to the stronger pine smell and the different texture in its litter box. Wesley and Whitefield were accustomed to commend them to their followers. 93), catechumens were accustomed to fast before baptism, and the church fasted with them. Above this tropical zone in the mountainous regions are to be found all the varying gradations of climate which we are accustomed to associate with changes in latitude. He was so accustomed to them, he barely noticed them. I mm not accustomed … Since this value for the distance of distinct vision is only conventional, it is understood that the capacity of the simple microscope given in (2) holds good only for eyes accustomed to examine small objects io in. If you are not accustomed to getting facials, you may notice your skin becoming more blemished. The team would eventually get accustomed to the early starts and become more efficient at getting away from huts without delay. Of these the first is etymologically correct (except that it should rather be " stitcher of verse "); the second was suggested by the fact, for which there is early evidence, that the reciter was accustomed to hold a wand in his hand - perhaps, like the sceptre in the Homeric assembly, as a symbol of the right to a hearing.3 The first notice of rhapsody meets us at Sicyon, in the reign of Cleisthenes (600-560 B.C. From time immemorial thera- savages have been accustomed to eat the hearts of lions and other wild animals, under the belief that they will thereby obtain courage and strength like that of the animal from which the heart had been taken, but in 1889 BrownSequard proposed to use testicular juice as a general tonic and stimulant. You forget: I am not a warrior bound by honor but a diplomat accustomed to undermining others, Jetr replied. The family moved often, which meant Cruise was accustomed to the role of new kid on the block who had to work hard to fit in or face the wrath of bullies. She wrote with her accustomed politeness. accustomed in a sentence - Use "accustomed" in a sentence 1. I am accustomed to hard work. If you are accustomed to checking labels, you might naturally assume that corn gluten meal is one more product that is off-limits for a gluten-free lifestyle. Oceanic Deposits.-It has long been known that the deposits which carpet the floor of the ocean differ in different places, and coasting sailors have been accustomed from time immemorial to use the lead not only to ascertain the depth of the water but also to obtain samples of the bottom, the appearance of which is often characteristic of the locality. This is especially effective for beginners, though advanced strength training usually requires additional weight because the body is accustomed to its own mass. The only way of filling up the gaps in the population of the ravaged land was to invite foreign immigrants of a superior class, chapmen and handicraftsmen, not only given to peace ful pursuits and accustomed to law and order, but Cities. Was she not accustomed to demanding barley in the middle of the night? The bison were accustomed to having the horses graze around them, but the scent of strangers might make them nervous. Professional photographers, accustomed to hand-holding long, heavy telephoto lenses, can get away … If your cat has been accustomed to clay, paper or other organic cat litter, it may take some time to accustom your cat to a crystalline cat litter. Sentence Examples. 99 examples: Making the system interface human-like may be one way of making things easier… A certain Persian king was accustomed to kill his wives on the morning after the consummation of the marriage. ETc had, however, been so accustomed to give way to popular pressure that he did not perceive the difference between a wise md timely determination to leave a right action undone in the face of insuperable difficulties, and an unwise and cowardly 3etermination to do that which he believed to be wrong and imprudent. An archway leading down to the shore bears an inscription showing that it was erected by George Culmer in 1540, and not far off is the site of a chapel of the Virgin, to which ships were accustomed to lower their top-sails as they passed. Learning to work with gluten-free pastry can be a challenge, but once you become accustomed to its peculiarities, you will find no end of tasty applications for this basic recipe. That the unit for logic is the concept and not the judgment has proved a stumblingblock to those of Lotze's critics who are accustomed to think in terms of the act of thought as unit. That phase of cell life which we are accustomed to call "active" is accompanied always by disintegration. For a people so accustomed to revolutionary outbreaks, the Venezuelans are singularly deficient in military organization. Sudden financial problems may cause you to change your lifestyle that you have become accustomed to for many years. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Damian sat down on the arm of a leather couch, accustomed to the reaction, and pulled off his boot to drain the water. Write your name as you are accustomed to write it. groupers fed on these fishermen's off-cuts and became accustomed to being fed. The stranger, Isaac Beeckman, principal of the college of Dort, offered to do so into Latin, if the inquirer would bring him a solution of the problem, - for the advertisement was one of those challenges which the mathematicians of the age were accustomed to throw down to all corners, daring them to discover a geometrical mystery known as they fancied to themselves alone. I am accustomed to a different enemy, one not nearly as strong. accustomed position under the train carriage. This will help you have realistic expectations for the types of salary offers you can expect and whether or not you'll be able to continue living in the manner to which you are accustomed in your new home. It is alluded to in various statutes of the reign of Henry VIII., who obtained power to appoint a commission to examine the old ecclesiastical laws, with a view of deciding which ought to be kept and which ought to be abolished; and in the meantime it was enacted that "such canons, institutions, ordinances, synodal or provincial or other ecclesiastical laws or jurisdictions spiritual as be yet accustomed and used here in the Church of England, which necessarily and conveniently are requisite to be put in ure and execution for the time, not being repugnant, contrarient, or derogatory to the laws or statutes of the realm, nor to the prerogatives of the royal crown of the same, or any of them, shall be occupied, exercised, and put in ure for the time with this realm" (35 Henry Viii. As someone accustomed to being in control of her world, she needed a little more time before she was ready to face him. ), that so many systematists have been accustomed to call Picariae, though to them as a group he assigns no name. I am accustomed to doing challenging jobs. The reception of this volume was cordial, but not so universally respectful as that which Tennyson had grown to expect from his adoring public. Men accustomed for many months to obey suddenly found themselves in command. He was accustomed to hearing and safeguarding the secrets of others. The slavers, accustomed to the smooth-bore musket, had thought themselves quite safe at such a distance. Mr Laurence Gomme (Primitive Folk-Moots, pp. I am accustomed to doing challenging jobs. I mm not accustomed to public speaking, but I’ll do my best. Someone accustomed to taking what he wanted didn't just help someone like her. Accustomed freely and fearlessly to investigate whatever came before him, and swayed by a scrupulous dread of insincerity, he was doomed to long and anxious hesitation concerning some of the fundamental points of theology before arriving at a firm conviction of the truth of Christianity. Accustomed to the teens' all but shredding their clothes, she instinctively reached for the stain to feel if it was wet. The citizens of Cairo, accustomed to such occurrences, immediately closed their shops, and every man who possessed any weapon armed himself. Wu says he has become accustomed to long delays in projects.


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